Functions of Management

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Functions of Management

Within every business you will find managers. Managers perform the same tasks in every company whether your company sells building materials or cosmetics. There are four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, according to (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 12). All managers have to plan, organize, lead, and control to achieve their company’s goals. Each task of a manager’s job is important and essential to their company’s overall success.
The first task a manager must consider is planning. A manager has to recognize the goals of the company or his department and determine how to achieve those goals. These goals can be broad, long range goals or smaller, specific goals as they relate to his department. (Bernard Erven, 2009, p. 1). Managers view current situations, make predictions as to their future needs, and study objectives they need to accomplish in order to create a plan to accomplish their goals. The function of planning is important to my organization as we look at sections of land to determine if drilling gas wells will be feasible for our company. Our geologists study the land and maps are developed to show possible pockets of gas beneath the earth and determine whether to purchase the land for drilling.
Organization of the company or a department is another responsibility of management. A manager must know the number of employees needed in order for the company or department to be successful. Organizing activities and responsibilities is an intricate part of obtaining the outcome desirable to the company’s or department’s goals. A manager must organize their personnel and resources to reach the desired results. My organization is very organized within each department. Each department is dependent on other departments to complete the entire chain of events within our organization. We have to…...

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Functions of Management

...Functions of Management Nicole Perez July 30, 2012 MGT/330 Richard Amabile In an organization a manager should set goals and ensure that the employees can accomplish the goals that were set for them. The four functions that managers use to make sure that their employees reach the organizational goal are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions have proved to be valuable in a work place setting to achieve the goals that have been set. Planning is one of the functions of management. It can be the most important of the four functions. Planning is a key part of managers’ job roles. If planning is not done well it will affect the other functions. When planning, managers should have a second course of action to achieve the goals just in case their first plan does not work out. Each plan that the organization makes has an impact on the organizations work. Managers should evaluate their plans to see if they are successful and if a plan is not as effective as they planned they would need to make changes to it. Planning is set in place to help the organization reach long term or even short term goals. The second function of management is organizing. According to (Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S.A.) organizing is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals. Organizing would include doing activities such as, catch the attention of people and bring their attention to the......

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...died 1925 in Paris) was a French management theorist. Henri Fayol was one of the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management, having proposed that there are five primary functions of management:   1. Planning, 2. Organizing, 3. Commanding, 4. Coordinating, and 5. Controlling (Fayol, 1949, 1987).   Controlling is described in the sense that a manager must receive feedback on a process in order to make necessary adjustments. Fayol's work has stood the test of time and has been shown to be relevant and appropriate to contemporary management. Many of today's management texts including Daft (2005) have reduced the five functions to four: (1) planning, (2) organizing, (3) leading, and (4) controlling. Daft's text is organized around Fayol's four functions.   Fayol believed management theories could be developed, then taught. His theories were published in a monograph titled General and Industrial Management (1916). This is an extraordinary little book that offers the first theory of general management and statement of management principles.   Fayol suggested that it is important to have unity of command: a concept that suggests there should be only one supervisor for each person in an organization. Like Socrates, Fayol suggested that management is a universal human activity that applies equally well to the family as it does to the corporation.   Fayol has been described as the father of modern operational management theory (George, p. 146). Although...

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...Functions of Management What is management? Most of us think of management as the people or person who is in charge of managing anything from materials to labor and this is true, but there is more. This being said, what are the functions of management within a business? There are four basic functions of management within a business-planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All of these are important in order to a business to succeed and a business cannot have one without the other. Planning What is planning as a function of management? Planning is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate needed to achieve those goals (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Activities of planning include analyzing current situations, anticipating the future, determining objectives, deciding in what types of activities the company will engage, choosing business strategies, and determining the resources needed to achieve these goals (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Planning sets one up for action and to make major achievements. What are different types of planning? Some examples of different types of planning are: program planning, project planning, and strategic planning (McNamara, n.d.). Planning is in every business, including the company I work for: Commerce Bank. Planning is used in Commerce Bank in all management roles, including supervisory staff and even the branch managers. My direct supervisor will set goals for those directly below him, the tellers. This can be...

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...Functions of Management In every business you will find managers. You can look at two very different businesses and see that the managers perform very similar tasks in these businesses. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are all very important parts of a manager’s duty. Each of these areas is as important as the next and they cannot be accomplished without the others. I currently work for Tiffany & Company and these functions are used and can be seen every day. The first function of management is planning and it is critical to the success of an organization. Rothbauer-Wanish (2009), “Planning focuses on the future impact of today’s decisions. Without looking to the future, managers will not know the appropriate decision to make today” (para. 2). When a plan is developed it does not mean that it cannot be revisited. These plans should always be reviewed and evaluated to determine its success or to determine if changes need to be made. Plans are often changed because circumstances change. It is impossible to plan for every possible instance that may occur in the workplace and outside of the workplace. A good plan will include solutions to the most common issues that may occur. At Tiffany & Co. planning is used every day for both long term and short term planning. One instance of planning would be staffing. The company will look at historical data and forecasts to determine head counts for staffing throughout the year. This number is also revisited throughout......

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...Functions of Management Tolejala Marsh Management/370 December 6, 2010 Charles Hall In order for an organization to operate in a productive way and achieve all of the company’s goal; the company need to implement a plan that would help the company run effectively. To help an organization run smoothly there are four functions of management that would help a company succeed. The four basic functions of management are planning, controlling, organizing, and leading. Utilizing all four functions of the management would help any organization have a controlled plan over the organization’s success. Planning is the foundation of management. A productive manager cannot operate a business without having a plan for the company’s advancement. Management is the process of working with people and using resources to reach the company’s goals. Planning implements the goals to be reached and decided ahead of time the correct action needed to achieve those goals. For a company to run smoothly a manager need a good planning strategy. A manager needs to focus on where the company is currently, and where the company plan to be in the future. A company may face a situation at least once that the company may have to overcome. Some situations are uncontrollable, the company must figure out a way to get out the situation before it escalade into a bigger problem. Planning involves more than the employees of an organization. Planning involves all individuals who are involved in the growth...

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...Roles and Functions of Management Trinesha Jones August 2, 2014 HCS/325 MR. Robert Edwards Roles and Functions of Management There are several functions of management in a heath care setting; therefore management is the foundation for the organizations structure. They establish all the organizations decisions when strategic planning is necessary. They are liable for finding ways to support the organization. Functions of management also include making sure that all other individuals associated with the organization have the information and understand the strategy; this includes problem-solving, decision making, collaboration, development and cost containment. Although, management strategizes the organizations plans they are also held accountable for the execution and overall outcome of the strategy. A successful outcome for an organization proves great managerial accomplishments. The organization that I am employed is a healthcare facility that specializes in home health aide. The functions of healthcare management apply to me because I am a part of the staff. When a manager specifies a strategic plan, it is my responsibility to help execute the plan hands on. Even though, management does all the strategic planning employees are obligated to the task involved achieving success. Organizations are not only based on managerial decisions but incorporate much-needed teamwork. Functions of management when managing others include decision-making and implementation of......

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...The Functions of Management Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Knowing the difference between good managers and bad managers is easily seen after several months of analyzing how they lead their team. Classifying a good manager includes seeing how effective and efficient he or she are in his or her skills. A manager must be able to adapt to any environment they walk into while keeping sight of practical applications and sense of the business surroundings. A manager must organize management while utilizing planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. A manager must use these functions to attain company goals and also maintain a competitive advantage. In order for these four functions to succeed in an operational manner, an understanding must be reached concerning the basics in which these practices are in relationship to the business structure (Bateman, Snell, 2007). Advances in technology has changed the way we manage; however the basic rules of good quality management remain and are still relevant in business today. While analyzing the functions of management, planning probably comes as most important to master as the other functions. Planning is the first step taken before beginning any type of project or assignment. Plans set the stage for action and major achievements (Bateman & Snell, 2007). As goals and objectives within the organization are recognized, it is the......

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...Functions of Management Paper Notes (700 – 1050 words) Planning (117 – 175 words) To put it in the simplest terms, planning is the decision of taking the organization in the direction managers think it should go. It is deciding on what goals need to be set and deciding on what actions will set the organization on the right path toward those goals (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Before all other functions, organizing, leading, and controlling, planning comes first. Too often managers undervalue the need to communicate planning foundations. When this principle is violated it is likely the plan will not be followed through (Sawyer, 2009). My boss at Target would be a subscriber to this function, every week he has a plan for everything that needs to be done in my department, everything from sales planners to which area needs to be detailed that day. He is not very good at communicating his plans; he will leave a note that an abbreviated version of version of what he wants. Although, once he explains his ideas letting me know what he is thinking everything runs smoothly. Organizing (117 – 175 words) Organizing is the function of management that brings together all resources, human and informational, available to the manager so that specific goals are met. Organizing includes getting people to the company, allocating responsibilities, forming work groups, and making sure conditions are adequate for a working environment (Bateman & Snell, 2009). Good organizations skill will......

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...Functions of Management The success of a business greatly depends on the quality of the management within an organization. Management is an integral part to any business and organization. Management is the act of getting individuals to work together to achieve common goals or objectives. Management consists of four primary functions: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. In this paper, I will discuss each function while providing an explanation of how each function relates to the organization for which I am employed by. Currently, I am working as a hairstylist for a large and well known hair salon chain retailer. I have been in the cosmetology industry for over five years and have worked for this particular salon for a year. This hair salon chain retailer has stores all across the country and the majority of which are franchised. As part of the franchise there are some guidelines and expectations every salon is required to uphold and maintain, but there is also some discretion franchisees and managers can use in the running and operation of their salons. The franchise owners that I work for have acquired over twenty salons in the last five years and continue to grow the number of salons they own each year. With every salon that they purchase they are responsible for staffing and employing more hairstylists and managers. The first function of management I will discuss is planning. Management uses planning to deliver strategic value (Bateman & Snell,...

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...Functions of Management Robin Verhage MGT/330 February 9, 2011 Smiley Verduzco Functions of Management There are four different functions of skillful management techniques, there is planning, leading, controlling, leading and controlling. A skillful manager can accomplish all these functions with ease and balance without leaving out or neglecting any certain function. The ideal manager can discover and harness organizations intellectual resources and fully utilize the intellects of the organizations people (McGraw-Hill/Irwin 2009). Knowing its workers and their strengths and weaknesses are and the ability to place them in positions accordingly. Management is a juggling act and the trick is not to drop the balls. The first function of skilled managing is planning, taking the time to strategize their game plan and how their will execute their plan of action. To get specific goals to be achieved and to decide in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve these goals are essential. Who in the organization will be best suited to accomplish the goals that are set for this plan of action and how will you go about doing so. What is the time span that is needed to accomplish these goals and what is the results that is going to be accomplish, is the first thing on the agenda. What will the cost be to accomplish this goal and will it be beneficial to the organization? Will the company realize profits and price its products at a level that are attractive to the......

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...Organizing as a Management Function Lakisha Mitchell Management 330 October 3 2011 Homer Johnstone Organizing as a Management Function The planning function of management is the process of setting goals and objectives for an organization to achieve over a set period. A plan will include activities and tasks that need to be completed in order to reach the ultimate goal. An organization that neglects to establish and monitor plans will become disorganized and eventually lose control of practices performed throughout the corporation. In This paper, I will evaluate the planning function of WorldCom management. In addition, it will analyze its legal ethnical and social issues the company faced. Lastly, it will examine the factors that influenced WorldCom tactical, operational, and strategic planning. The Planning function: WorldCom WorldCom is a telecommunications U.S based company found by Bernard Ebbers in 1983 as a small long distance discount telecom company. It acquired many small telecommunication companies and became one of the largest long distance providers by 1995. In 1997, WorldCom took over MCI for thirty seven billion dollar. At that time, acquisition of MCI was the largest acquisition in the history of America and it made WorldCom the second largest telecom company in America after AT&T. “Today, it is perhaps best known for a massive accounting scandal that led to the company filing for bankruptcy protection in 2002” ( The......

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...Functions of Management Ben Enuma MGT/330 September 5, 2011 Brenda Shore Management Functions Management has been described as “the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals”. (Bateman, T. S., & Snell, S. A., 2009). The functions of management comprise of four primary functions, namely; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. For the success of an organization these functions must be performed both effectively and efficiently. All over the world these functions are common across all fields of management, be it at a factory, a super market, a restaurant or even at home. In my place of work for instance, these functions are referred to as the management process and they are applied in our everyday activities. Planning Planning is the first and base component of management. It involves chalking out future course of action and deciding in advance what course of action is most appropriate for the achievement of pre-determined goals. According to KOONTZ, “Planning is deciding in advance – what to d, when to and how to do. It bridges the gap between where we are and where we want to be.”This function is usually performed by top executives of companies. Since planning involves deciding and specifying which organizational goals to be pursued, it is seen as the most critical aspect of management. To a large extent the success or failure of the company depends on its planning. Planning describes a top-down approach in......

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...Abstract The intent of this paper is to explain how each of the four functions of management effect managing a business, by using the fundamental tools to run a business effectively. The core elements of the management functions are Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. These are the critical functions required to manage a successful business. Planning The first function of management is planning it defines the steps necessary to fulfill the organizational objectives, current and future plans while providing alternative solutions to support goal achievement. Effective planning starts with management building a strategic plan aligned with the company’s business goals. These goals are achieved through the planning function of management. The planning function provides a roadmap on how the goals will be achieved. Planning includes analyzing and evaluating the conditions to determine what resources are required to reach the goal. The development of a plan sets the direction the team needs to go to achieve specific goals and objectives. Organizing The next function is organizing, which is very important in providing resources necessary to execute on organizational plans. Organizing is instrumental in building a successful business. Organizing provides the critical reporting structure and personnel responsible for the administrative duties required to function as an organization. Most successful organizations are built with flexible and diverse cultures, which are......

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