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David Siders Problem Solving Unit 1Assignment 1

Solar power has been used by many cultures and creatures throughout history, only in recent years have we begun utilizing it as an alternative energy source. Solar power is harnessed through “photovoltaics, solarthermal energy, and artificial photosynthesis”.{1} Using these technologies , we develop different applications such as” solar-panels” {2a} and/or” heaters, power stations”{2b}, and” thermal radiation collectors.”{2c}

Harnessing solar power requires a photovoltaic system, consisting of the solar array(the panels, the visible photovoltaic system) and the balance of system ( solar inverter, mounting, cabling, and accessories for setup) Sizes and different system capacaties range from small rooftop-mounted or systems integrated into buildings(ranging froms tens of kilowatts) to larger more industrial scales with capacaties of hundreds of megawatts. “A rooftop system recoups the invested energy for its manufacturing and installation within 0.7 to 2 years and produces about 95 percent of net clean renewable energy over a 30-year service lifetime”{3} Given the decreasing cost for photovoltaic systems, in 20 years time, they could be applied forn use from your home to work and in between!
Solar thermal energy is harnessed through temperature-absoorbing collectors, classified by US EIA by low, medium and high temperature ratings. Low-temp. collectors are “usually for swimming pools.” {4a}Medium temperature collection plates are “usually flat plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use.”{4b}and High-temperature collectors “concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses and are generally used for fulfilling heat requirements up to 300 deg C / 20 bar pressure in industries, and for electric power production.”{4c} “The collected energy can be used for industrial processes,…...

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