Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing

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Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing
Cara-Leigh Heemskerk
University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Riordan Manufacturing Changes are being implemented at Riordan Manufacturing to reach the sales targets and to improve satisfaction amongst employees. The sales strategy is adapted to a customer-relationship management system, which means working in teams where different departments work closely together to accomplish a sale. This new sales system asks for a different reward systems as the sales person is no longer individually responsible for the sale.

Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification Recently the sales of Riordan manufacturing are declining which might be one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction amongst the stakeholder groups. The shareholders wants the highest return of their investment, managers want increased sales to earn more bonuses, and the employees want increased pay, more rewards, and higher job satisfaction. There are issues on the, employees are not satisfied with their job and the compensation that can be earned. This decline in satisfaction is shown in the employees’ behavior and leads to low morale, lower motivation, lower production activity and increased turnover. There are three key factors that explain this behavior: ability, motivation, and opportunity. (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001) Managers are worried that they will lose their key-employees and management needs to motivate the key engineers to prevent them leaving the organization. Organizational environments and individual characteristics must be simultaneously taken into account in attempts to predict, explain, or modify employee behavior. (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001) the task demands and reward systems are a tool to influence employees’ behavior, the employees are demanding for increased rewards…...

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