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Gaps in Understanding EN234 – Computers in Law Enforcement
July 6, 2013
Ivy Bridge College/Tiffin University

The goal of this article is provide an explanation of cybercrime offenses, and how they are committed, in order to provide the reader a better understanding of digital crime, such has hacking, identity theft, internet fraud and terrorism and what are the responsibilities of the internet provider in protecting the consumer against these attacks. A look out how children are being affected by cybercrime as well will be explored. In conclusion, possible solutions to cybercrime and agencies in which are responsible for the safety of the public will be reviewed and discussed on how these gaps can be addressed to improve the safety of the consumer (Gercke, 2012).

Gaps in Understanding Over the past couple of decades, the internet has been beneficial to students, non-profit organizations, businesses and government. In addition, the increase of cyber-crime has also increased. It is necessary for parents, teachers, industry, and the government progressively thinking about protecting the Internet from the kids who may abuse it.
According to the Department of Justice computer crime is categorized in three ways:

1. Cyber criminals target computers by spreading viruses and destroying valuable information needed to keep business in operation. 2. Cyber criminals use the computer as a weapon to commit traditional crimes, such as fraud or illegal gambling. 3. Cyber-criminals use the computer to store illegal and/or stolen information, which is utilizing the computer as an accessory to committing crimes on the Internet.

The revolution of today’s technology has made it easier to communicate with friends and family, share and access information around the world instantaneously. The entire universe is connected through a cosmic range of…...

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