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The Garden Depot is a family owned Floral company which also has Lawn Care and Landscaping Divisions. The landscaping division has been experiencing many problems that have been causing issues for the company. The new landscaping manager, Derek Sinclair, is having difficulties completing all of his job responsibilities which has added pressure on Janice Bowman (from the administration office).

There are several problems within the landscaping division. Employees are unable to properly fill out job slips and time sheets. This has caused issues with keeping proper inventory and also customers are not being invoiced for the proper amounts. Sinclair is unqualified for the job and it appears that he is not concerned about the inefficiencies within his department. He often gives his work to other employees for them to complete. Janice Bowman has stepped in to help Sinclair which has caused her to take on many extra responsibilities on top of her already heavy workload. J.Bowman has taken over all inventory duties and has tried to fix the problems within the landscaping division the best she can.

Sinclair’s inexperience with the landscaping business and the tasks involved within the division seem to be the root of many concerns. He is unqualified to manage the landscaping division because of his lack of knowledge in being able to quote jobs, fill out paperwork properly, and manage a team of employees. Sinclair also lacks skills in handling the customer service aspect of the business effectively. Also, J.Bowman is unable to fulfill her job with the organizational structure of the company because she is working outside of her job description to try and cover for Sinclair.

Goals that the landscaping division must set in order to improve their organization include: improving customer relations, providing proper training to employees, and ensuring that paperwork…...

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