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How Everyone’s View on Gay Marriage Should Change
Marriage is a commitment between two individuals. It is the ultimate way of showing your significant other that you love them. At this moment, in many countries and states, it is not legal to get married and show each other this eternal love, if your significant other is of the same sex as you are. This has been a huge debate around the world, but especially in the US. The population in America seems to be very torn when it comes to discussing gay marriage. But why is that? An answer could be that there are many stereotypes about gay relationships, and many people have a narrow-minded and one-sided view on same sex marriage. This view can, and should, be changed, which is the main purpose of the article “How My View on Gay Marriage Changed” by David Blankenhorn, founder and president of the Institute for American Values. Blankenhorn was a remarkable figure in the campaign against same-sex marriage in the US, but as the title of his article states, this view changed:
Blankenhorn’s main point of view in the beginning of the article is the fact that the United Nations Convention stated by the Rights of the Child that every child has the right to know their biological parents. He believes that “Marriage is the planet’s only institution whose core purpose is to unite the biological, social and legal components of parenthood into one lasting bond”. He uses logos and points out that it is actually a child’s right to know his or her biological parents. Blankenhorn also uses our emotions, as he states “marriage is a gift that society bestows on its children” by being a way of telling the child that the man and woman who made this child will always be there to support it. The one thing that he uses to justify his change of attitude is the fact that “in the mind of today’s public, gay marriage is almost entirely about…...

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