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1. Design a plan to integrate the different routing protocols into a new network design for Genome4U’s lab.

The previously stated topology represents the network of the research lab. The different Cisco switches shown represent the different VLANs that can be designed for the various project teams in the lab. Router-EIGRP routers, as shown in the figure above, are the internal routers of the research lab network. Router-EIGRP/OSPF and Router-EIGRP/RIP are the routers that are at the Fund raising office interface and the Biology lab interface. The file servers are where the data files of the volunteers will be kept. The figure above represents an overview of the internetwork routing of the Research and Biology Labs and the Fund Raising Office.
The Router EIGRP/RIP is responsible for route redistribution between EIGRP network and RIP network and also between the research lab and biology lab. Likewise, Router OSPF/RIP redistributes routes between the biology lab and the fundraising office. Redistribution between EIGRP and OSPF is required by the fringe router of the Fund Raising Office and the Research Lab.
2. What information will you redistribute between routing protocols?
When there is a network with multiple routing protocols present, the must be a process of route redistribution. The dissimilar segments of the network will learn routes based on the protocol that is configured within them. Route redistribution aids spreading this knowledge in a way that it is comprehended by other segments of the network as well. There must also be a redistribution of routes learned by EIGRP to RIP in a way that it is comprehendible to RIP and vice versa. For this, a default-metric or definitive metric specifically for each redistribution, would meet the need. 3. Identify the problems you expect to encounter (with different metrics, security, etc.) when you…...

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