Get Rich or Die Trying

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Git Rich or Die Trying
Have you ever done something that you was not proud of, like indulge in criminal activities? I have, like Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson said “Git Rich or Die Trying.” Honestly, I believed that I would get rich from my criminal activity. I started with small petty crimes, working my way up to mediocre blue collar crimes and planed to become a Boss of organized white collar crime . I knew the path that I had taken would soon come to a life altering halt.
The first crime that I committed was snatching a gold chain and running. Although it was small in nature, it was the confidence booster that I needed to unleash a flood of similar crimes. A pure adrenaline rush to almost get caught but almost only counts in horse shoes. A purse, a wallet, loose change and even weapons, I wasn’t prejudice in what I took or who I took it from. Just as long as I sharpened my skills and mastered the first level of my new found career. At this point I moved to more physical crimes that brought in more money like, breaking an entering and strong arm robbery. These particular crimes could not be reported just think about it. Have you ever heard of a dope boy calling 911 because he got robbed of his product?... The more robberies I pulled off the better I became at my craft but along with that my name got hot in the neighbor hood and was ringing at the LRPD. Because of that I hit a couple of small businesses that did not bring in much money. With money being the fuel to my fire, I felt forced to move into a unfamiliar area sooner than I had planed.
After a few days of research i carefully picked through my friends and family to organize a squad that would help me to achieve the biggest crime of my career, manufacturing counterfeit money. A close friend of mine had 3 ink-jet printers and a couple of computers at his recording studio. I printed a sheet of $10's then $20's,…...

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