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User’s Manual

AIMS (Abakadang Kayumanggi Community Development Foundation Information Management System) ___________________

AIMS User’s Manual

Table of Contents


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1.0 Getting started with AIMS 1 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2

AIMS User’s Manual

1.0 - Getting started with AIMS

1.1 - Introduction

AIMS User’s Manual

1.0 Getting Started with AIMS

1.1 Introduction Aims is a database system develop by PROCODEX++ exclusively for Abakadang Kayumanggi Community Development Foundation. This system will help AKCDF centralized their records for student and staff information, mostly with their transactions with a user friendly interface.

1.2 Starting the AIMS program

To start the AIMS program :

* Double click the AKCDF-Sys icon on your desktop.

The program will begin by asking you to log in. To do this :

* Enter your Username and Password. * Click on the LOGIN button.

NOTE: Username and password are case sensitive.

1.3 Forgot Password

If you forget your password, just click “Forget Password?” on Log In Portal.

* System will ask you to enter your user name.

* For additional security system will ask a security question.

* If all required questions are fulfilled system will show your password.

2.0 AIMS Main Screen

AIMS Main screen consist of menu bar and is similar to other Windows programs. It has a child friendly home screen for users with easy to use graphical user interface.

2.1 Modules

Modules is one of the important functions of AIMS…...

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