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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Paper
Larry Porter
DEC 10, 2012
Juan Bates

This paper looks into the behavior of consumers when influenced socially and culturally. This paper also takes a walk through tax preparation and what may seem to effect the decisions on rather consumers use a specific company over another. Looking into a family owned business “Forrest Tax and Accounting”. This paper outlines some important factors that allow for word of mouth marketing to be used.

Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis Paper
In these days it seems that there are just as many Tax preparation offices as there are churches. This may be a little over the edge, but in reality the very important business has seen offices arrive all over in bunches. H&R Block use to be the major hub for individuals to visit to get there taxes done, however with the emerge of technology their seems to be a drop off in the amount of individuals that use their service.
There is opportunity for individuals to process their own tax returns via various tax software such as; “turbo tax”. The more user friendly this type of software becomes the more individuals will start using them. H&R Block is even starting to offer products online for individuals to prepare their own tax returns. What’s very ironic is that an accountant is in many ways the same as having your own personal barber and getting a haircut. Now what does that mean? For the most part I believe most men would agree that if it was not for the lack of time and patience we could all cut our own hair. This seems to be the same for tax preparation. If we really take the time and show a little patience we could do our own tax preparation.
Local Tax preparation companies have seen some increased numbers in the recent years due to the ability to offer different incentives for using their…...

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