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I’ve found a job entry level for restaurant owner. This particular job listing is good for me because my major is in business management and in the future to own a restaurant and bakery. This entry-level position will help me to better understand the business world and how to deal with customers on a personal level. I think this position is good for me because I love cooking and preparing foods for people. I love the fact that the job requires team players and a people’s person. The entry level position offers training for customer service for employees on a bi-weekly basics so that the other employees are on the same page. Motivation was another good thing for me because that’s like the bundle of the job, you need motivation to work at business it shows that you want to be there and that you take pride in what you do like respecting your co-workers treating everyone with respect. Customer service is very important because you’re dealing with all different types of peoples and learning how to be professional when answering question, engaging in conversation but to listening also. Team work is also important because in order to get things done you need a good team. You need a good team to help you get the job done in a timely manner. Every customer, employer and employees love to see team work it gives you an insight of how the company maintain it business and employees working…...

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The Marketing Mix consumer needs through extensive research, it then seeks to satisfy those needs by successfully implementing a marketing program possessing the right combination of the marketing mix the four P’s.” P&G possess all four combinations of the marketing mix, from products, price, place and promotion. P&G’s products are of good quality and supplies merchandise to numerous consumer’s, p& states “For 175 years, P&G has created products that make people’s lives better and were firsts of their kind.” The company has produced some of the most top tier products in the industry; their products include but are not limited to Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet paper, Crest toothpaste, Dawn hand soap, Duracell Batteries, Gillete Razors, Iams Dog Food, Ivory Soap, Olay beauty products, pampers, Pantene hair products, Tampax products, Tide and many more. P&G’s products are far better than their competitors in many ways, for example according to p& “Crest has helped millions understand that preventing decay and disease is a solid strategy for staying healthy.” Not only does the company promote and sell goods that are beneficial to their consumers but they are also one of the leading brands in toothpaste, calls crest “one of the most trusted toothpaste brands based on sales volume” The product itself is not only one of the most trusted brands but according to the statement it is one of the top brands based of the revenue......

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...almost every developed market with their Mach 3 razor except one: India. They understood the huge potential in the market in India and needed to find why Gillette wasn’t breaking into success. With the men in India accustumed to an old fashion double edge razor. In the later part of the the previous decade resulting in failure behind Gillettes usuall marketing strategy they didn’t understand why this was and further more they needed to a way to break the traditional activites men in India when it came to their choice of a razor. Pricing and distribution where factors for the lack of sales for Gilletes mach-3 with the Mach-3 costing 50% more than the tradional double edged razor. Therefore, Gillette needs to figure how to get their mach three, not only their retailers they had been conducting business but into the smaller arena. Alternatives 1.)Emphasize Value Gillete new that they had to figure out a way to cut costs in production and packing and they made their mach-3 razor fit a competitive price to its double edge razor counter part. An alternative they could have used instead of cutting cost as much as they did was they could have emphasize the products value. Since the stubble had become neccesarry if men were to avoid cuts and rashes while shaving, promoting such positive results by using the mach-3 they could along with cutting costs postion a since of need for a mach 3 razor. 2.)Promotion In the introductory phase of Gillettes common marketing......

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...the first point, positioning implies additional utility for consumers, as their options for choice are expanded. It increases the value of the brand, through any of the routes by which brand value is built. Specifically, it helps increase awareness of the brand and facilitates a clearer image of it. It makes it possible to organize all the marketing activities and strategies from a common basis, marking the path to follow for all the elements of the marketing mix. 2. Segmentation – TO WHOM – Divide market in homogenous groups (Social, behavior, psychographic). Nowadays segments are small, new products have an emotional attachment and life cycle is short. a. Geographical; b. demographic (family size, gender like Gillete and gillete Venus, income, occupation, religion, race, social class, age like toothpaste, ); c. psychographic – based on personality traits, lifestyle or values (activities, interests, opinions) – innovators, thinkers, achievers, experiencers; d. Behavioral 3. Differentiation – WHAT – Comes from diversity between competitors for the same product or between products from the same manufacturer that offered to different segments. a. Personnel differentiation – better trained employees. b. Channel differentiation c. Image differentiation Value proposition – Maps – to understand the position of a brand to its competitors, difference between brand and consumer preferences and possible ‘gaps’ in the......

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...known for providing a smooth shave along with a host of other benefits. Gillette creates a thick and creamy lather that is removed easily by the razor. The shaving cream gives rich lubrication to the face so that the person uses minimum effort and pressure while gliding the razor. The cream is also known for its rich nourishing and moisturizing properties that keep the skin glowing after a shave. Shaving creams account for almost 30% of the total sales of the total personal care segment of men in India. Procter & Gamble has good coverage in men's shaving through Gillette blades and razors, but its presence in men's toiletries, primarily through deodorants, is relatively small. Top Shaving Cream Brands in India Old Spice Denim Gillete Godrej Dettol Last Updated on 20/06/2011 Top-Shaving-Cream-Brands-in-India...

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...method used commonly with cosmetic products. Deodrants and perfumes are products which feed on vulgar adversiting. • Deception, misleading information and false claims: are often used by almost all products from a toothbrush to luxury car. But these advertising firms don’t directly give false claims, they use different ways to deceive the consumer that their product is better like : false coluring, imcomplete comparisions, inconsistent comparisions( choosing the criteria where their product is btter at), guarantee with very little covered under it, etc. • Puffery: refers to an exaggeration or statement that no reasonable person would take as factual. This method is also popular among advertising of all products may it be a razor,eg Gillete The Best A Man Can get or a motorbike eg Pulsar 220 The Fastest Indian. • Stereotyping: is another common tool used by advertisors. It can be based on gender, region, cultures, etc. Eg girls are shown playin woth dolls and the boys with cars and action figures. Female actors are used in advertising household items like fridges, washing machines. Blacks were shown in ads depicting good physique and good athletes playing basketball. • Racial issues : There is a wrong projection by some brands based on colour and creed. This is extremely unethical but still is prevalent among top brands. Van Heausen, Pantaloons and many tobacco companies in the past have potrayed blacks as inferior in the ads. Nowadays, there are censor boards......

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