Global Environments and Problem Sets: Debt Securities Reporting

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Global Environments and Problem Sets: Debt Securities Reporting

Global Environments and Problem Sets: Debt Securities Reporting

Debt Security is defined as; any debt instrument having basic terms defined (interest rate, maturity/renewal date, notional amount aka amount borrowed) and can be bought or sold between two parties. Municipal bonds, CDs, corporate bonds, government bonds, collateralized securities (CDOs, CMOs, GNMAs) and zero-coupon securities are all debt securities. The Starbucks Corporation balance sheet and income statements are summarized analyzing the fiscal year end beginning from 2010 until the fiscal year end of 2014. The specified balance sheet provides a listing of the Starbuck Corps. resources (assets), sources of capital (equity and liabilities), future earnings potential of assets, cash flows, receivables and inventories.
Accounts Payable/Accrued Liabilities
Debt that is owed to vendors for services and/or goods that are used in the corporations day to day to functions which are paid within one business year. Starbucks Corp.’s accounts payable reports a steady somewhat significant increase from 2012 ($398,100) to 2014 ($533,700) almost similar to the increase from 2010 ($282,600) to 2011 ($540,000).
Current Liabilities (Long-term debt and other long-term liabilities)
The total amount of debts incurred as a result of the normal day to day operations which are to be paid throughout the business year or within one business cycle. Starbucks Corp.’s current liabilities significantly declined in 2014 ($3,038,700) from the steady increase in 2013 ($5,377,300) from 2010-2012 ($1,779,100 - $2,209,800).

Noncurrent Liabilities
Total of debt incurred as part of the normal operations that are expected to be repaid within or beyond the twelve month business year. Starbuck Corp.’s financial statement shows an increase…...

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