Global Illiteracy

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Masen Ensign
All around the world education is key to success. But the problem is that there is illiteracy that puts a damper on education. It is an issue that sweeps the world. There are many countries that deal with this issue and affect their country. Many don’t know how to fix this problem.
Everywhere around the world there is Illiteracy in school. The most illiterate countries are that which are very unfortunate. Within every Country have differences in illiteracy. It may be the Education system, the teaching pattern in which the teachers teach, or just the students themselves. It could start with young age children and progresses from there. Other countries are harder on the students and expect more of them which help them to become more successful in school. In the unfortunate countries were education is hard to come by, there is illiteracy all around. They are unfortunate in that they cannot either afford materials or that the students cannot come up with the funds to have an education system. And because of this, education is rare which results in tons of illiteracy. Many countries in Africa and South America have a problem of being in the unfortunate category. (By Sauter, Hess and Weigley, September 14, 2012, fox business)
On the other hand where countries are fortunate to have an education system, a highly education system at that. Such countries as China, Japan, Israel, are strict on the students and in a way force their students to do good in school. They spend much more time in school and doing homework then the average student does. And because of this there is less illiteracy.
The way the education system is set up could affect the student. If the teachers are taught to teach a certain way, it could affect the students learning. The way they teach could be the problem with illiteracy in that the student is not learning because of the way…...

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