Global Macro Practices in Human Services

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Global Macro practices in Human Services
AIDS as a social issue for Africa

Table of contents
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. AIDS as a social issue and its impact on Africa
4. Macro level interventions
5. Conclusion
6. References

1. Abstract
Social issues are of great concern to the society and have long lasting and dangerous impacts on the community. AIDS is one such issue. It can lead to mass destruction of mankind and is a bane to the society. The fast spreading of AIDS or its increasing rates in Africa has become a major concern for Africa as well as for the world. The health care facilities in a country are a very important aspect of development and lifestyle. They help improve or determine the standard of living in a nation and help provide quality of life. There are several diseases that are leading to ruining of mankind. AIDS is one of the most harmful diseases that can endanger man’s life. So, it becomes curial that this medical concern is dealt with in an appropriate manner.

2. Introduction
AIDS stands for Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome. It is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This disease can cause the destruction of the immunity system of an individual. This leads to the significant decrease in the resistance power of an individual and makes him prone or vulnerable to minor and major diseases which can prove to be life threatening as the body cannot fight against diseases. This leads to severe difficulties in leading a normal life (, 2010).
It leads to weakening and deteriorating the immune system to such an extent that even medicines stop showing results. All of this leads to very complex medical situations and critical conditions. In spite of several research and studies, medical science has been able to come up with very few…...

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