Global Team Wants to Reap the Wind

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1. Executive Summary

General Electric Co is setting out to apply considerable financial and technological innovation to the field of wind energy.

James Lyons in charge of sourcing talent from around the world has the task of forming a team that is culturally diverse and innovative enough to design and research new techniques for developing alternative methods of harnessing wind energy.

In question within this case study is the application of teamwork competencies to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in achieving specific outcomes for developing solutions.

Different methods of effective group performance are discussed and elaborated upon as well as the interaction of the leader in establishing guiding principles in getting results.

Contrasted within this report are the views and opinions of 3 different authors in defining group and teams within organizational behaviour, describing the various groups found in organizations, stages of group development, characteristics of effective work groups and teams.

Factors that may be attributed to possible failure and the various contingency factors that have a direct relationship to a leader’s behaviour in particular to achieving specific outcomes are also discussed.

OB in Action Case Study
GE’s Global Virtual Team Wants to Reap the Wind.

An emphasis on cross cultural diversity encouraging the organization to achieving social responsibility goals is elaborated upon.

Teamwork competencies promote cooperation, higher achievement and productivity than intergroup competition.

Socio-emotional cohesiveness steps to enhance the group are listed.


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