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Green Mountain Coffee “Brewing a Better Day”
Milestone One

Kim Hureau
Southern New Hampshire University

Green Mountain Coffee “Brewing a Better Day”

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive analysis on Green Mountain Coffee. This analysis will cover an overall market, cost and production and supply and demand analysis for Green Mountain Coffee, including Keurig. Green Mountain Coffee provides single serve brewed coffees in a variety of flavors and brewing styles to both the at home as well as corporate consumers. Green Mountain has an extreme focus on sustainability and green business practices and was the first company in the coffee industry to support the United Nation’s Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) mission to develop globally accepted sustainability reporting guidelines (Sustainability, n.d.).

History of the Company

Purchased by Robert Stiller in 1981 while vacationing in Waitsfield, Vt., Robert thoroughly enjoyed the coffee he bought when he stopped in at the small specialty coffee shop so much that he bought the store. In 1989, Green Mountain Coffee formed an environmental committee to address conservation concerns Robert Stiller had, this conservation program has remained a consistent social program through the many changes at Green Mountain. The Company changed their name to Green Mountain Roasters in 1993 and became a publically traded in company in September of that same year. In the late 1990’s, Green Mountain began a partnership with Keurig Coffee Company, who is known for their single serve coffee brewers. This was the beginning of a marketing and sales partnership that has resulted in Green Mountain Coffee Roasters acquiring the Keurig Brewing system in 2006 and another name change and rebranding launch was undertaken. The company is now known as Keurig Green Mountain. This hugely…...

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