Go to the Web Site for Keirsey Temperament Sorter. What Is Your Type

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Individual Assignment 2
Holly Stengel
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Project Management 14su_busi_4363_c_o1
Go to the web site for Keirsey Temperament sorter. What is your type? Which parts of your personal orientation will be helpful to you in managing projects?

I am a Guardian. I found this to be very accurate to whom I believe myself to be after reading what a Guardian is. What I think will be helpful in managing projects is that I take a deep commitment to my duties and responsibilities so I will be very unlikely to drop the ball on deadlines. Also as a Guardian I am very dependable and trustworthy which means my team members will be able to trust that I will get the job done just as I commit to or even better than expected. This can be a great asset in working with any team and should allow my team members to breath easy when they see I am a part of the team. I am very meticulous about schedules which will lead a great hand when working on project management templated such as Microsoft Project for teaming activities. I actually no that my obsession of schedules is a gift and a curse as I sometimes get flustered when my schedule is changed on a moments notice. Because it is a strength I would not say I would want to change it but I would like to work to be able to be a little more flexible in slight changes in "my planned" days routine and activities. I think this is a strong suit for me but I need to be self aware that not everyone is routine / scheduled driven and to learn how to work with others better that may be more carefree in their daily planning / scheduling. It also says that I like to aid and comfort and find that this is also a good asset to have when working with team and conflict arises. I like to try to find a solution while trying to keep all members of my team satified at the end result. I am result oriented and think this leads me to be a very good…...

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