Godliness with Contentment Is Great Gain

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Text: 1 Timothy 6:6
“Now godliness combined with contentment bring great profit” 1 Tim 6:6. (New English Translation) It is said that sometimes big things come in little packages. 1 Timothy 6:6 is loaded with profound spiritual insight and complexity. However, we must note that we live in a world in which the population in general is interested in obtaining "great gain." Throughout the history of man "getting-rich-quick" have always attracted great interest. Even today, in our so called enlightened age, virtually anyone is assured of a large following if he can only convince the public that his "new idea " will produce great gain.
However, the faithful child of God is also concerned about "great gain."The faithful Christian is aware that there are two kinds of gain physical and spiritual. While great physical gain is not inherently sinful, its possession often comes at tremendous risk to spirituality. On the one hand, with the increase of material wealth, there is the accompanying danger that the possessor thereof might become "high-minded," and prone to "trust in uncertain riches" instead of "in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy" (1 Tim. 6:7). We often multiply our earthly cares as we increase our material wealth (Eccl. 5:10-12). Then, too, as a materially wealthy person nears the sunset of earthly life his tangible possessions may become a source of great concern as he begins to contemplate the hands into which they will fall; will the next owner "be a wise man or a fool" (Eccl. 2:19)? Also earthly riches are inherently "uncertain," for there is always the possibility that they will be corrupted by "moth" or "rust," or thieves might "break through…...

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