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Management Report for Going to Dinner
Executive Summary
Le Petit Bojangles, it’s a new restaurant in the neighborhood, which on the recommendation of a friend are planning to go dine a group of friends and me. I have great interest in this restaurant because after reading an article in the Daily Disappointment I was fascinated.
After analyzing all options menu, the choices of drinks, desserts options and options for the tip. I concluded that I have a wide variety of options for choosing many of which are very similar in cost.

Because we do not know the total amount of budget you have to spend that night, but what if I am sure it is a night where the costs are not so high. What I have done is a graph which is detailed each of the options for dinner that night; I have detailed each option for each meal, for each drink, for each dessert and for each tip.
I need to figure out your costs depending on the decisions that I make. For instance:
1. Do I have a drink before dinner – accost; or do I not – a savings?
2. Do I have a drink at dinner – a cost or a savings?
3. Which entrée do I select – each with a cost?
4. Which dessert do I select – each with a cost?
5. How much do I tip the wait staff?
These are the points I have to take into account to make the best decision and the best option, I know what I’ll pick the best because with the recommendations and what I read in this restaurant the food is very good, now what needed is to choose the menu and have a good cost.

In the tree I have detailed all the possible options and finally I choose what I most like to dine and what I want to pay.
My decision was as follows:
First I don’t need a drink before dinner, because I’m used to ask for water before eating, which in this case the water is free in the restaurant, so there is no expense here.
At dinner if I would like to drink a glass…...

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