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In the world we are living in today, communication can be deemed as a core determinant to success for any organization. Communication is “any behavior- verbal or non-verbal or graphic – that is perceived by another” (Dwyer, 2009 p. 451). It is not just about talking, reading, writing and procedures but also includes exchanging ideas, information and knowledge between individuals .In an organization, good or bad communication amongst its workers can only prove beneficial or detrimental to the business. In addition, according to Declan (2008), good writing needs to deliver whole messages by adopting effective writing, which includes conveying messages clearly and concisely, and utilizing the correct format. Communication should be in simple plain English to enhance clarity for the receiver thus enabling precise feedback. This enables better coordination among the employees without having to leave anyone “in the dark”. All in all, it provides countless benefits for any organization as it reduces misunderstandings, disputes and customer complaints. However, bad communication has severe repercussions. A message conveyed by the sender might be misinterpreted by the receiver thus, a variation in the intended action. An example of this would be the grounding of a woodchip carrier during a pilotage, where the master and pilot had minimal communication prior and during the activity. The inadequate monitoring of the carrier and use of hand signals by the pilot were large contributors to the accident. To make matters worse, the master did not challenge the pilot’s erroneous orders. This incident could have been avoided if communication was taken more seriously. On a lighter note, communication has evolved during the years. Mankind has

transitioned from…...

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