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Government and Education
Critical Issues in Education
EDD 520

Government and Education Throughout the years in education, a trend has begun with researchers and education experts feeling that federal initiatives can save failing schools. Noll (2008) states, “While schooling in the United States has always been and primarily remains a state and local function, the federal government has played a significant role in initiating programs to meet specific needs and charting general goals” (Noll, p. 112). In theory, the government helping with education is a great idea. However, in reality, it is the author’s opinion that federal initiatives and the requirements to receive federal funding have gotten out of hand. One federal initiative is the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) passed by President George W. Bush in 2002. NCLB was meant to serve three main goals. First, an accountability system was put into place using state standardized tests, graduation rates as well as other indicators to judge how a school performed. The second goal of NCLB was to have schools produce an annual report with all of the required statistics of school performance for each school year. The third goal of NCLB was for every school to have a highly qualified teacher in every classroom by 2005-2006 (Noll, 2008). One thing that the author finds wrong with NCLB is that it puts too much unneeded stress on educators and administrators. If students test poorly or schools show low results on their yearly report, that school as well as its staff receives a negative mark on their education record for their campus. The school must then go through a program that is meant to fix what is wrong with the school and staff. The government puts this program together. Four years after the negative mark and the restructuring program, teachers as well as the principals will be up for…...

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