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QUESTION NO. 4 - What are some benefits a member of your group might expect?

Representation on the federal, state and local level by the most effective firearm and hunting rights organization in the country.
Legislative updates and important information on pro-gun candidates for public office from the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action
Annual magazine subscription to American Rifleman, American Hunter, or America’s First Freedom.
Personal insurances such as, life, accidental death, health, theft, eye, and drug plans.
No annual fee NRA master card upon approval.
Discounts from national corporations and local businesses.

QUESTION NO. 5 – How does public opinion or outside pressure affect what issues your group might tackle? Does it support your group or work against it?

Recent public opinion surveys reveal Americans are less adamant about stricter gun-control laws. In addition, Americans carry a better opinion of the National Rifle Association than in previous years. This allows the NRA a better opportunity in getting legislature for their cause passed.

Recent issues the NRA is now tackling:

Firearm Traces - to law enforcement agencies conducting investigations.
Protection of firearms dealers from losing their licenses for insignificant technical violations.
Assault Weapons/Clinton Gun Ban – including semi-automatic and pump-action weapons.
Employees’ Right to Transport Guns – locked in vehicles on company property.
Gun Show Legislation – requiring registration of people attending and background checks on people who purchase at shows.
Registration and Licensing.
Smart Guns – features such as grips that read fingerprints before the gun will fire.
Ballistic Fingerprinting – markings on ammunition will be entered into a database.
Microstamping and Encoded Ammunition – serial numbers will be registered to purchasers. Criminals will…...

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