Gps-to-Go Takes on Garmin

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GPS-to-GO Takes on Garmin
Sharon Smith-Basey
BUS 518 Project Leadership
Dr. David Plumer
Strayer University
February 3, 2013

GPS-to-GO Takes on Garmin
Analyze the personality and temperament of Joseph Thomas.

Joseph Thomas is considered as an everyday manager who has grown up in the business of Global GPS and he commands great respect from his peers. Thomas has a full understanding of the makeup of workers at GPS. He knows too well how the workers are comfortable with working at their own pace and spending is of very little concern because their organizational culture is built around serving clients such as the government, who will fund their overruns and will allow years for development. Thomas is now functioning under new management, Michael Scott, a young, hopeful who plans to take on the strongest competitors in the consumer market. Thomas has the personality and temperament of an NT (Intuition-Thinking) Type. NT’s gather data consisting of abstractions and possibilities (N), which they filter through their objective decision-making process (T) (Rutledge, 2008). NTs have a driving force that is a never-ending quest for competence and this is demonstrated by Thomas and his peers as they desire to spend years on development and production, which causes them to pursue products not according to deadlines or costs because it is more about the soundness of the product. NTs are oriented toward continuous improvements and Thomas was scared to enter the faced-paced market of consumer GPS products, not because he lacked confidence in the team to create a more favorable product than its competitors but because he knew his team would require more time than the deadlines that were set (Pillittere, 2009). NTs are known to be Rationals who are preoccupied with technology and can be thought of as the “logic of building,” which Thomas demonstrated with…...

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