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Buying a car is never an easy decision. The last car that I purchased was back in 2011. It was more of a need than a choice to purchase a car. The last car I had at caught a fire for about 3 times in one year. Whatever the problem was I will go and get it fixed repeatedly. The last time my car caught on fire was in 2011 and this time it really put fear in me. I decided to buy a car because of safety reasons. During this time, the economy was trying to get back on a good foot. I have a job at the time. Even though I had a job, it still was going to be a burden to pay for another car. My credit was not so good at the time. Therefore, I had to get special financing. I called many dealerships that has special financing.
On an economic scale was not in the family budget. One of the things that had to be considered was pricing of a new vehicle. This included the cost of the vehicle the financing of the vehicle and the duration to own the vehicle. One thing that played a big factor in purchasing the vehicle was the bad credit that I had. I know the interest rate was going to be very high due to this factor.
“According to Economic Freedom Americans, continue to lose economic freedom. Following declines in seven of the past eight years, the United States this year has equaled its worst score ever in the Index of Economic Freedom. Ratings for labor freedom, business freedom, and fiscal freedom have flagged notably and the regulatory burden is increasingly costly”.
Buying a car used to be so easy at one time. All dealerships will have the same vehicles at the same price. In today's market with the economy the way it is you may go to one dealership and another dealership may have the same vehicle but at a different price. This makes the buyer very skeptical about purchasing a new vehicle due to the economics; many buyers have bad credit because they are…...

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...quotes will be cross checked for accuracy (APA Format). • All quoted information should be paraphrased. • External sources taken from Web 2.0 will not be treated as credible sources (e.g Wikipedia, Reddit, Craiglist, Flickr, Wordpress, Tumblr, HubPages, and personal blogs). • Create a TURNITIN account and submit into TURNITIN is in WEEK 9. • Print the originality report from TURNITIN. • Compile all the information and submit the HARDCOPY in WEEK 10. 12. Assessment will be based on: • Task fulfillment ➢ Sufficient information, relevant information, content organization, mature treatment of task, critical review of facts and opinion. • Language ➢ Control of structure and grammar, accurate and appropriate use of language, vocabulary development, varied and accurate word choices. • Organization ➢ Competence in writing, effective communication of ideas, attention statements, thesis statement, topic sentences, accurate referencing, accurate quoting. |TASK 2- Group Presentation - (15%) | Based on the essay (TASK 1), you have to: 1. Present your essay in group. 2. For the presentation, you MUST: • Use information from essays written as a group. • Prepare PowerPoint slides as a group. • Ensure coherence in information presentation......

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...Lesson Plan: Grammar: Reported speech The level of the students: Upper Intermediate The age: Adult students Aims: to present the function of talking about the past using three types of reported speech: statements, questions and commands/requests/suggestions. To clarify the use of reported questions introduced with the verbs ask, inquire, wonder or the expression want to know. To highlight the difference between up-to-date reporting and out-of-date reporting. To consolidate students` knowledge on the use of certain words and time expressions related to reported speech, for example now-then, immediately, today-that day, yesterday – the day before, the previous day. To provide controlled and semi-controlled practice through drilling of the function and the structure. Function: Expressing the past tense with the help of reported statements and reported questions. Time: 90 minutes Assumptions: Students know the use of tenses in direct Speech. They know Present Simple and Present Continuous, Past Simple and Past Continuous, Present Perfect and Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Future tenses. Anticipated problems and solutions: Students may confuse the use of tenses in direct speech and reported speech. Make sure that you demonstrate the difference using concept questions, good examples and diagrams. Students may have misunderstanding of the functions of the verb tell, say, ask. Make sure that you provide students with good situations to show the difference......

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