Great White Sharks

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Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks perhaps one of the most feared and misunderstood creatures on planet earth. Popular culture’s point of view of this wonderful and magnificent organism has been slightly skewed because of television and movies such as Jaws. Which depicts these great animals in a negative light typical of Hollywood. In a positive light this generated more interest among people to hopefully begin to understand this exceptional predator of the seas. Analyzing the fossil record of ancient sharks can be quite a bit difficult task since sharks are made of mostly cartilage which decomposes and leaves almost no trace. Paleontologists are left looking for fossilized teeth and jaw bones.

All sharks are extremely well suited for their aquatic environment. The Great White Shark physiology is far superior to that of any ocean hunter. Through evolution they possess six senses that enhance their ability to hunt; vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and electro-reception. These characteristics give a tremendous advantage to the Great White while looking for prey. They have supreme hearing with external ears located just above the eyes very difficult to see however the highly developed ear stones are able to sense the tiniest vibrations in their environment ( One of the most interesting developments that Great White Sharks possess that humans would be extremely jealous of is the electro-reception. In the front of snout of Great Whites’ are pores filled with certain cells called the Ampullae of Lorenzini that can feel the power and direction of electrical currents ( In these two examples of physiological traits the importance to Great Whites would logically make sense because of how sound travels in water versus air. When an organism is submerged underwater, vibrations would…...

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Sharks so many shapes and kinds as the shark. The earliest evidences of sharks are isolated spines, teeth and scales that appeared about 430 million years ago in the Silurian Period, known as the "Age of Fishes". Sharks have a sleek, streamlined design which helps them swim without using up a lot of energy.They certainly need to conserve their energy because they never really sleep and most of them never stop swimming. Some sharks are fierce predators, and would be happy to eat you if they encountered you. Almost any shark six feet or longer is a potential danger, but three species have been identified repeatedly in attacks: the Great White Shark, the Tiger Shark and the Bull Shark . All three live world wide, reach large sizes and eat large prey such as marine mammals or sea turtles. But most sharks never grow longer than five feet and never even see anyone with legs and arms anyway. People kill thousands more sharks every year than sharks kill people. Sharks take about as long to mature as we do. Some of them become adults in their teens. A mother shark carries her babies inside her body while they develop, sometimes for more than a year. Even so, some sharks are born inside an egg which they have to crack open. They spend early portions of their lives in nursery grounds. Some of the advantages sharks have over people is that they keep growing new teeth, they don't have breakable bones, and they are not prone to get cancer. Sometimes sharks are referred to as swimming......

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