Greener Grass Syndrome

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Contentment and Ambition are two great words with contrasting meaning. These are the two opposing factors in the Greener Grass Syndrome. The former talks about being contented with what we have and work on being happy on the things that are currently at hand while the latter talks about aspiring to gain more and improve. Contentment is as still as the earth while Ambition is as fierce as fire.

The Greener Grass Syndrome has slowly spread throughout our workplace or our life. There are many of us who feel that the current pasture we are on are slowly depleting and is not making us happy any more. There is a lot who is thinking of the better pasture out there. What lies behind the mountain that hinders us from moving? Is there a greener grass out there that is a whole lot better than the current one that we are feeding on? Which weighs much greater, the current grass that I can mold and make it better or the unknown grassland in the beyond?

Every time I think about this syndrome, it reminds me of the story of the sheep who feels that they are not treated right by their shepherd. Their grass in their pasture has ceased to grow because the shepherd failed to maintain it. The fence in the pasture is also ruined as the Shepherd is more concerned on the wool that the sheep is producing. In short, he forgot to make his pasture as safe place. One of the sheep rebelled and started digging a hole in the fence. Days have passed and the hole become larger and the sheep could easily fit in. The day has come for him to be free. The sheep proud and tall told the other sheep that there is a better pasture on the other side but nobody listened. So the proud sheep went on and escaped. The little sheep wondered in the unknown and have finally found a better pasture to graze on.

The greener grass syndrome is nothing bad at all. It really depends on where you find your happiness.…...

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