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Tourism: Greeting the Guest
Tourism is a people-pleasing business. Beautiful lakes, forests, parks, rock formations, historic sites, resorts, museums, and recreation facilities are of little value unless the people visiting them feel welcome and are treated courteously. Tourism is people oriented and people dependent. Visitors must be pleased with what they see and experience in their contacts with local people. The name of the tourism game is HUMAN RELATIONS.
A people failure in any tourist related business spells disaster. The finest motel, restaurant, gift shop or ski resort cannot survive if its employees have a negative attitude toward tourists. Visitors expect a pleasant experience. A positive attitude of the local people toward visitors, and their courtesy, warmth, friendliness and sincere willingness to serve are the basis for that pleasant experience.
People remember their travel experiences for a lifetime, often as their fondest memories. It is the job of the tourist business employee to make these memories as pleasant as possible.
Attitude, technical competence, appearance, and personality are four important qualifications that a good tourist business employee must possess. This bulletin briefly outlines each of these qualifications.
"YOUR ATTITUDE SPEAKS SO LOUDLY I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY." The attitude of local people towards tourists is a signal to tourists of how enjoyable their visit is going to be. It is unfortunate, but true, that the visitor often perceives an attitude of "We like your money, but we really don't want you." The ingredients of a tourist-acclimated attitude are as follows:

Pride: Pride in the job and the community spells success in any tourist business. No matter what the job is, it is an important one for the tourist industry, the individual employer, and the home community. Be proud that people are…...

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