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Chapter 4 &5
Group diversity and leadership. In the advent of globalization , the present day 's groups are also moving towards the intermixture of races and culture in various groups in the society especially in a aspect of the workforce .This today has become one of the primary problems groups faces because some don’t take the time out to research there members culture which will help and deter problems in the group while enabling the group to work efficiently and effectively.
Diversity consciousness is very important for expanding the opportunities for success that we have in the future. Diversity consciousness helps to enhance the person’s diversity skills; it expands the person’s horizons and empowers them through knowledge; and it promotes personal growth and helps to strengthen the social networks that can be beneficial down the road in a career. Without diversity consciousness, an individual is not knowledgeable of cultural, racial, and sexual differences and will have a very poor social network to build upon in the future.
Diversity skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership are essential to ensuring that people interact with one another in ways that respect and value differences. Communication is essential to provide each co-worker or team member with the necessary information as efficiently as possible. Different types of communication exist, such as written, verbal, and behavioral, and each form sends a message to a person or group of people. Teamwork is necessary to combine the efforts of multiple individuals to achieve a highly desirable goal. Each individual performs a specific task that is combined in a total team effort so that the overall work is much easier on each person and nobody is overloaded or stretched too thin. Leadership helps provide guidance and problem solving tactics to the individual or team.…...

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...their positions on diversity. One I can think of is a couple years ago when Target donated money to a political candidate that was against same sex rights and marriage. Being such a hot topic and in the news so much, it can cause a large group of people and supporters to stop shopping and to convince friends/colleagues to not use their services. How does site compare to other corporate statements on diversity Five to ten suggestions for corporate diversity 1) Possible targeting more minorities. I didn’t see a lot of minority targeting within the site. Elaborate more on what they are doing to increase diversity 2) Maybe include a yearly outing to a lower income/provided area to do more work and have it reflect what their diversity programs are trying to accomplish. Many corporations will have a company day out to work with local neighborhoods 3) Maybe as a part of the history of their diversity goals, what have they been able to accomplish in previous years. 4) What are their main goals for the next year? 5) Since a lot of their employees are younger (teens/early 20’s), create a division targeted to that audience to show what Target is doing and what they can offer. I think diversity is a very important message to convey. By building a team of very diverse people, it better represents the community Target is serving and overall welcomes more customers to their store. I think the website is effective in conveying their support of diversity. I think they......

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...Keller graduate school of management, Gm591 Mamun Chowdhury (Research question: How do differing perspectives affect out views of workforce diversity?) Introduction: Diversity relates to gender, age, language, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief, including that people are different in other respects such as educational level, job function, socio-economic background, personality profile, marital status and whether or not one has family. Diversity and demographic differences can impact individual behavior by creating conflict in the workplace. The success of an organization depends on the workforce of the organization. A workforce made up of diverse individuals from different backgrounds can bring the best talent to an organization. Today, there are more and more ethnic people joining the workforce of the United States. Since the United States is considered the land of opportunity, more people from different backgrounds have migrated to our country over the past 100+ years to obtain work. Now, due to an increase in globalization and companies becoming more diverse, we are seeing even more people of ethnic backgrounds relocating to the United States for opportunities. With the increase in education, this is bringing forth many individuals of whom tend to have a great deal of input into organizations that otherwise would not have happened. These individuals bring a vast......

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...SUNY Empire State College Diversity Research Paper: M5 Diversity Audit Angela Politzi Diversity in the Workplace BME-213164 Dr. Robin Churray June 7, 2015 Criteria For the criteria of measuring the effectiveness of the diversity within MasterCard, I will research different aspects that reflect their commitment to having a strong diversity image. I will assess their various diversity programs and analyze how they are benefiting the organization, in terms of capturing market share and retaining and attracting diverse employees. I will also look at their hiring practices, and search for statistics on how many diverse employees hold executive positions. I will also research their supplier diversity commitment and see how their business shows their dedication to this commitment. A strong diversity image should be visible just from the company’s website, as in this day and age, a website is a common place for one to find out more about a company. There should be bountiful information about how MasterCard embraces diversity, and it should be easily found, not buried deep into the contents of the website. They should have a prideful and excited attitude about how diversity can shape their organization. Their diversity programs should show a lot of initiative. A strong organization would have multiple resources for diverse employees to use, being sure not to leave out any one diverse group. Everybody should have a home, and should have others that they will be able to......

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