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Grove 1. Write a summary of Grove in about 150 words.
Grove is a short story written by Erin Brooks Worley. The story is about an alcoholic woman that is visiting her boyfriend’s parents. The second day of their visit the boyfriend crashes on his father’s motorbike. After everyone falls asleep that night the woman sneaks out into the bathroom were her shampoo bottle, with her whiskey, stands. She takes a couple shots thinking her boyfriend won’t smell it and goes back to bed. The next morning her boyfriend tells her he can smell it. Later that day they take to boat and sails out at the lake, where he turns off the motor and they start talking about kids and how they can’t have any because of her drinking. At night, after they got back, the narrator is talking to her boyfriend’s mother, while the boyfriend and his father goes to the shop, who tells her she need to stop drinking. By the time the boys got back the boyfriend’s mother talked the narrator into going home. On the way home the narrator’s boyfriend turns off the light on the car and drives in complete darkness for a while. 2. Characterize the two main characters and their relationship.
The narrator is an alcoholic woman, who is trying to find out what to do in her life. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone with her problem, but she does because she won’t be able to have children. The boyfriend is a bit quiet, he tries to overlook her problem but it’s hard when she smells of alcohol. He wants children, but can’t have any. 3. Comment on the ending.
It’s a different ending. He turns off the light on the car and drives in the dark. I think it’s to prove something to his girlfriend. Maybe to tell her that drinking is like driving in the dark, you never know how long you’ll get before you hit the wall. If you drink you never know when it’ll get too much and you’ll die. Driving in the dark is kind of the…...

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...Grove Erin Brooks Worley Erin Brooks Worley writes Grove in 2006. It takes place in Florida in a town called Frostproof. We are hearing about a man and his girlfriend that visits his parents’ in Florida. His parents don’t have a house so they live in a trailer near the lake. The next day he borrows his father’s bike and has an accident. He has just left his wife because she couldn’t have kids and then he has got a new girlfriend. But it’s like a mysterious because he wants his girlfriend to be with him as a comfort and then again he won’t her not to touch him. When we hear the mother’s attitude to the girlfriend it isn’t quite good. She doesn’t like his new girlfriend and want her to say that she isn’t feeling well and that they need to leave earlier. The short story tells us about relationship, emotion, respect and drinking because it’s the relationship to everyone in the trailer we are hearing about but mostly the man and his girlfriend and their emotions that are stock. They have some big problems for example that she is drinking and he actually doesn’t care. He only says that she isn’t aloud to drink in his parents’ home. We know that the girlfriend has a big problem when we hear that she turn on the bathroom light and open the shower door and drink whiskey from her shampoo bottle. When people have to hide something we know that they have problems – she just can’t take a whiskey bottle, she has to hide it in a shampoo bottle. The man want to have kids but his...

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