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 Who Does Film Censorship?
In keeping with this responsibility, the Central Board of Film Certification known till June 1, 1983 as the Central Board of Film Censors) was set up in Mumbai, with regional offices in some other cities (at present there are nine such offices in Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, New Delhi, Cuttack, and Guwahati). A Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) has also been constituted under section 5D of the 1952 Act for hearing appeals against any order of the CBFC. While the work of certification of films is a central subject, the states have to enforce these censorship provisions and bring any violations to the notice of the CBFC. The organizational structure of the CBFC is based on the provisions of the 1952 Act and the Cinematograph (Certification) Rules 1983. The Chairman and members are appointed for a term of three years or till such time as the Government may direct. They comprise eminent persons from different walks of life such as social sciences, law, education, art, film and so on, thus representing a cross-section of society.The CBFC is assisted by the Advisory Panel in various regional offices which are headed by Regional Officers. The members of these panels are also representative of cross-section of society and interests. These members hold office till such time as the Government may direct but not exceeding two years. However, the members can be re-appointed. The CBFC has divided itself into Examining and Revising Committees to provide a two-tier system for certification of films in the event of the applicant or the Chairman himself not being satisfied with the decision of the Examining Committee. The certification rules also apply to foreign films imported into India, dubbed films, and video films. In the case of dubbed films, the Board does not have any fresh censorship for the…...

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