Gun Control in the American Society

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Gun control in the American society
40 percent of American households own guns making America one of the most heavily armed countries in the developed world. A national survey done in 2009 indicates that the firearms available to civilians were estimated at 310 million of which 110 million were riffles, 114 were hand guns and 86 million are shotguns. This is an increase in the number of firearms as per a survey done in 1994 where the firearms available for civilians were 192 million. The correlation between owning a gun and the number of homicides has been a source of controversy between pro and anti-gun advocates. Laws on guns vary widely from state to state.
Laws and policies have been put in place by states and the federal government to control guns. Federal law on firearms concentrates on mainly sale by licensed gun dealers: the second amendment (in the constitution) which allows individuals the rights to keep and bear arms, the Bradley law which requires background checks done on the buyer and the assault weapon ban. Initiatives to broaden and bolter up federal legislation on firearms have failed at the committee level or the floor of the senate or house representatives. This is believed to have contribute to the differences from state to state law on guns as the emotional, social and economic impact on gun related violence is felt in the state level as it is closer to the community
Anti gun advocates policy changes on specific firearms that they believe are for criminal purposes such as
Opponents of gun control ague that despite gun control laws high risk individuals will still acquire weapons and they also acquire that they argue that low violent crimes in other countries is due to culture. They argue that gun possession of guns is important to civilians are able to protect themselves and their property and this has led to low incidences of crime as shown…...

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