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In 1919, Halliburton was founded by Earle P. Halliburton and is known as one of the world’s largest providers of services and products in the oil and gas industry. Halliburton has many services from locating hydrocarbons, managing geological data, drilling and formation evaluations, to well construction and completion. There are two divisions that make up Halliburton. They are: Drilling and Evaluating and Completion and Production. These two divisions accounted for 18 billion dollars in revenue in 2008. Halliburton employees more than 50,000 people in approximately 70 countries and offer two major business segments. The Energy Services Group provides the technical products and services for fuel exploration and production, and (KBR) Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. KBR is a construction company that has refineries, pipelines and chemical plants. This paper will cover the various methods of Halliburton’s planning functions of management, legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. The paper will also explain three factors that influence Halliburton’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning.
Planning Functions of Management As planning is an important function of management, it allows an organization to achieve its maximum potential. The planning function is a methodical approach for taking the goal and turning them into plans and strategies. An example of a planning function that Halliburton utilize is Knowledge Management, which is processes, tools, and behaviors that are deliver the correct content to the correct people at the exact time needed and in the correct context so that they can make the best decisions possible for the business, and promote the newest innovative ideas (Leavitt, 2002). One example of how the Knowledge Management provided…...

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