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Performance Management by Prof Lise Saari

Halo Errors in Performance Management Systems
- Anita Rajendran
Performance Appraisals are the backbone of Human Resources and a crucial aspect of the entire Performance Management System (PMS) but also the most difficult to implement. The effectiveness of a Performance Appraisal can be seriously impacted by the common errors that raters make. Halo is one such error and can be defined as "the influence of a global evaluation on individual attributes of a person" (Nisbett & Wilson, 1977, p. 250) or "the influence of a rater's general impression on ratings of specific ratee qualities" (Lance, LaPointe, & Stewart, 1994, p. 339). The article tries to understand the background and research done into halo error and whether there is clear evidence to suggest that there is a positive or negative link to rating accuracy due to Halo error. It attempts to see if there are ways in which an organization can effectively utilize these research findings to counter halo error or whether any experiments done are effective only in a laboratory setting. Finally review on whether this aspect of the performance appraisal can be incorporated into an actual performance appraisal system.

Individual Research Paper – Halo Error in Performance Management Systems Introduction and Background 3 What is Halo Error – The underlying research and theory 3 Deep Dive 5 How to counter the halo error or reduce error? 5 Effective use of the understanding of Halo Error 6 References 8

Introduction and Background
A critical component of the Performance Management System and the backbone of Human Resources is Performance Appraisal and is also the most difficult to execute. Performance Management Systems require accurate ratings and the rating process can be difficult because biases of raters are involved. Rating errors are…...

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