Handling Hr Issues in Greece

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Handling HR issues in Greece
Vicki Sweet
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Human Resource in Management
MBA 533
Dr. Sherbert
July 14, 2013

Handling HR issues in Greece
In the ever-changing business climate, utilization of global human resources continues. Whether a multinational corporation or a global corporation, cultural complexities play a dominant part in the handling of HR issues. Cultural differences are a factor in the determination of an organization’s fit within the foreign culture and as such, must be closely examined to succeed in the international business market. According to Myloni et al. (2003), “HRM practices are grounded in cultural beliefs that reflect the basic assumptions and values of the national culture in which organizations are embedded.” (Myloni, Harzing, & Mirza, 2003, p. 7)
Professor Geert Hofstede‘s 1984 cultural dimensions research established four dimensions of national culture: power distance, individualism versus collectivism, avoidance of uncertainty, and masculinity. The fifth dimension of long-term versus short-term orientation was later added. (The Hofstede Centre, n.d.) These dimensions represent cultural differences between countries and exhibit how culture influences work behavior and the effectiveness of HRM policies and procedures. Utilizing Hofstede’s cultural dimensions information, this paper will examine how HR issues might be handled in Greece.
The first cultural dimension, power distance, refers to the emphasis placed upon human inequality and the attitude of the culture towards those inequalities. Greece has a high power distance score, which means that society believes hierarchy should be respected and inequalities amongst people are acceptable. Power is concentrated in few hands and symbols of that power, i.e. larger offices and titles, are to be respected. There is a strict hierarchy within business and…...

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