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Happy Pawws Playground: SWOTT Analysis
June 18, 2012
Brad Bergman

Happy Pawws Playground: SWOTT Analysis
At Happy Pawws Playground they will cater to the family pet’s every whim, with safe and secure pet daycare, boarding, exercise class, and play time. At Happy Pawws Playground, pets will be treated like one of the family with their own room, bed, blanket, and toys. They can also play and socialize safely inside the kitty gym or outside on the secure playground. They will always be carefully monitored by the staff.
External Forces
The Happy Pawws Playground is dedicated to the environment and the community (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Living in the community where the business is located means that the company will be sure to be responsible in taking care of environmental issues in the area. Not only will they be environmentally friendly themselves, but also they will encourage their employees to do so as well. They will also donate time and money to several local environmental agencies in the Branson area.
In the beginning, the Happy Pawws Playground will not be active in global business because they are a small local company. In time they hope to attract customers from all over the world to their establishment by advertising on their own web sites as well as on social media sites (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). They will also be seeking to open in other locations around the globe for their customers to leave their pets when they vacation nearby. The company will focus on areas that are popular to tourists, such as Paris, Cancun, and Australia.

Innovative Because this is a new company is a good way to be on the cutting edge of innovation. The company will focus on hiring both young and older employees to have a wide range of ideas and culture. The employees will always be encourages to speak their minds and share…...

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