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How does Harley Davidson deliver value and customer satisfaction to its customers?Harley Davidson has establish their self as an industry leader as they have continued toreinvent their image. They have been at the brink of bankruptcy multiple time but continue tochange with the times by mixing a blend of traditional style bikes and freedom (Rifkin, 1997).They have been able to provide an unique experience to their customers not through thepurchasing process but through their high quality products and overall service. They do not stopsimply at the dealership when a customer buys a motorcycle or a “hog” but they sponsor ridesand events for riders across the country.This allows for their customer to experience new sights,people, and provides many lifelong friends and memories. This provides a high amount of valueand customer satisfaction because of the product and their service quality. Many of theircustomers speak of how their “hog” provide a sense of freedom being out on the open roaddriving around the country. It provides an outlook for customers to have the ability to beexplorers and see the world. The value that their product give to their customer is a differentlifestyle, “What kept Harley going in its darkest days, and what is driving it now in high gear, isthe plain fact that the motorcycle it makes is not just a product but rather the centerpiece of alifestyle” (Rifkin, 1997).How have they successfully forged their brand to create lifetime value to consumers?Harley Davidson has been able to create a brand that attracts a wide diversified group of

Harley Davidson and Consumer Satisfaction1. Discuss how Harley Davidson delivers and value consumer satisfaction toconsumers. Value that permeates the culture is freedom. Some productssymbolize freedom more strongly in the United States. Harley Davidsonriders simply love their freedom, and riding the Harley is a…...

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...“The Harley-Davidson Community” I. Problem Statement In 1983, Harley-Davidson established the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) in the United States. This group was established because of the developing interest of Harley owners in participating in organised activities with other Harley enthusiasts. Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) continues to grow in term of memberships because H.O.G. goes international. The researcher of this study seeks to answer this question: How can Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) maintain & increase their rider’s level of involvement with their products, and enhance a loyalty towards the brand? II. Objectives 1. To be able to know the level of involvement which the Harley rider’s felt towards the brand and their main product; the Harley motorcycle. 2. To be able to know the “Posse Ride” that the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) enacted in order to gain brand loyalty among the members of H.O.G. and their involvement with the Harley brand. 3. To be able to establish an actions in order to maintain/to increase more the rider’s level of involvement with the Harley products, and enhance brand loyalty. III. ACA’s 1. Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) should focus in the “Posse Ride,” they should put more resources into the touring rallies since they are a valuable opportunity to get close to their main customers. Pros – H.O.G. will know the concerns of their customers and also get an idea on how to improve their motorcycles and attendant......

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...12/7/2013 Written Case Analysis | Group #4 | Harley Davidson | Group #4 Written Case: | Executive Summary: Harley Davidson, Inc. began operations in the first decade of the 20th century. Since that time they have developed three major business segments including motorcycles, transportation vehicles, and work within the defense sector. They are headquartered in Milwaukee, WI and in 1990 became the 865th largest U.S Company, as ranked by Business Week. Harley Davidson is best known for its superheavyweight motorcycles. By 1960, Harley Davidson was the undeniable market leader in the superheavyweight category of motorcycles. This was when Japanese manufacturers started to enter the market with lighter weight models of motorcycles which were not in direct competition with Harley’s much larger bikes. A large increase in supply, along with great marketing efforts by the Japanese manufacturers, rapidly increased the demand for motorcycles. Over the years, leading up to 1990, Harley Davidson has remained the market leader in the superheavyweight category of motorcycles with a 62.3% share of the U.S market. However, when looking at the U.S motorcycle market as a whole (see Figure 1), Harley Davidson only represents a 13.9% share of the market. The determining factor behind the lack of market share when looking at the macro motorcycle market is that Harley Davidson only produces larger bikes. They do not produce any motorcycles in the lightweight category. ......

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...Executive Summary Size Up Analysis Harley Davidson is a leader in the motorcycle manufacturing industry that mainly competes in the heavyweight class motorcycles. They compete mainly against Japanese manufacturers in the market. During the 1980s, the company came close to bankruptcy due to quality issues that accompanied its rapid production expansion. However, that incident compelled Harley Davidson to renew its focus on quality. Since then, Harley Davidson’s successful differentiation strategy focusing on quality, luxury and branding has been reflected on Harley Davidson’s financial highlights. Net income has more than doubled in a span of 5 years; net income increased to $213 million in 1998 from $104 million in 1994. Net working capital has also increased to $376 million in 1998 from $179 million in 1994. Harley Davidson’s share price has more than tripled during the same period as well, suggesting improved investor confidence. However, we should note that Harley Davidson has increased its financial leverage as displayed by the change in their debt to assets ratio. It was noted that Harley Davidson’s customers are willing to wait 2 years for its motorcycles. There seems to be unmet demand and that may have caused a focus on production to be ingrained into their culture. This is evident in their vision to dramatically increase production capacity demonstrated in their plan 2003. Harley Davidson’s products also have very long life cycles. The evolution of......

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...There are many companies that operates in many different business segments. In Harley Davidson the have two business segments: motorcycle& Related products and also their Financial Services. Harley Davidson has reportable segments that help the company in their business segment that offer many different products and services to their customers. Like many companies they manage based upon the fundamental difference in Harley Davidson operations. In 2013, Harley Davidson had a strong financial results and they continued to make progress against its business objectives. In the same year the company introduced Project Rushmore TM, it was a completely new line of their touring motorcycles. It completed its multi-year restructuring program, this was implemented to promote a flexible surge production capabilities at its largest production facility. In 2013, Harley Davidson nets income was $734.0 million or $3.28 per diluted share compared to 2012 when the companies $623.9 million or $2.72 per diluted share. The reason for the increase was due to the great performance in their motorcycle segment. The operating income from the Motorcycle segment was up 155.1 million over the previous year and it led by a 5.2% increase in the wholesale shipments on their motorcycle. ("Harley-Davidson Inc (hog:new York)"  The benefits from the income that was generated from the 2013 model year price had increased, with a strong product mix and lower manufacturing and also restructuring costs. The......

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...Stock Analysis Report: Harley Davidson [pic] Chad Combs Finance 824 6/1/2004 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Summary of Recommendation – Page 1 II. Brief Company Overview – Pages 1-2 III. Economic Analysis – Pages 2-5 IV. Industry Analysis – Pages 5-6 V. Growth Drivers/Catalysts/Positive Issues – Pages 6-8 VI. Risks/Concerns – Pages 8-10 VII. Sources of Growth – Pages 10-15 VIII. Financials – Pages 15-19 IX. Valuation – Pages 19-21 X. Conclusion – Pages 22-23 Summary of Recommendation Recommendation: Market-weight Reasoning: Increasing Market Demand: The motorcycle market is growing both domestically and internationally. Harley is well poised to take advantage of international opportunities that may present themselves. Draining Affect of Excess Cash: Harley is cash rich firm with very little debt. However Harley has no idea what to do with their extra money. They need to find strategic measures to determine how to invest the cash for that it is obtaining a smaller rate of return (2%) compared to the ROE of its core business (29%). This excess cash is diluting the returns of the firm. Revenue Should Increase: Harley is committed to expanding and as long as the increases to production will give them overall increases...

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...Despite their conception in 1903, Harley-Davidson and the motorcycle industry as a whole didn’t really take off until after the Second World War. Many people rode motorcycles during the war, with Harley-Davidson themselves supplying almost 90,000 motorcycles for the U.S. military during this time. Many veterans chose to purchase motorcycles upon returning home, as they enjoyed riding during the war and wanted to continue riding in their civilian life. This generation known as the "baby-boomers" quickly became the main target audience for many of Harley-Davidson’s marketing efforts. With sales increasing and the industry growing, many "motorcycle clubs" and "rallies" were introduced. Unfortunately, due to the lewd behavior displayed by most people associated with these clubs and rallies, bikers typically had an image of being disorderly and raucous. Harley-Davidson’s image itself took a big shot due to the Hells Angels. This was a motorcycle gang wishing to become notorious for "drug trafficking and other organized crime activities," who used only Harley-Davidson motorcycles. All of this combined to lead to a decline in demand and sales throughout the entire industry during the 1960’s. The industry was really helped out with the release of the Hollywood film Easy Rider in 1969. This film helped change the public’s perception of bikers and sparked an increase in motorcycle demand which has lasted to this day. The motorcycle industry offers products which can be viewed as......

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...control and strategic, financial planning continue to bring success to the company through its many ventures. Harley-Davidson owns one of the strongest brands in the world, establishing iconic positioning, that help’s it magnetize and maintain a devoted customer base thus generating revenue. Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles are well known for their long-established style, effortless design, quality, and durability thus remaining strategic.     Through it strength of broad products and service portfolio Harley-Davidson continues to offer an array of products and services ranging from motorcycles to related parts and products, and also through its subsidiary HDMC (Harley-Davidson Motor Company that manufactures Touring, V-rods, Dyna, Softail, and Sporster motorcycles) and HDFS (Harley-Davidson Financial Services). HDMC models are notable for their engines, frames, and suspensions. HDFS (Harley-Davidson Financial Services) has a competitive edge that offers financial services for its products to retail and wholesale financial services for its products in the motorcycles business in the US and Canada regions. HDFS also provides wholesale financial services such as open account financing, floor plans, parts and accessories to wholesale financial services to Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers. Through the offerings of these financial services Harley Davidson enhances its end result and captures a higher market share.  http://callisto.ggsrv.com/imgsrv/Fetch?banner=4d609cd7...

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...Harley Davidson Case In: Business and Management Harley Davidson Case Porter’s Five-Force Analysis: 1. Threat of new entrants: (Low) * Requires high capital investment to enter the business of the scale economies in production, research, marketing and service of this industry is high. * Brand identification of Harley Davidson has been strongly established for years. New entrant will have to overcome customer loyalty of Harley. 2. Bargaining power of suppliers: (Moderate/High) * Harley’s suppliers are not fragmented so they have a high bargaining power. * Switching cost of changing suppliers is high because of the nature of Harley’s products- -could require investing heavily to be a supplier. 3. Bargaining power of buyers: (low) * Since product is differentiated, customer tends not to be price sensitive. * Product is differentiated or targeted for niche market therefore the buyer will not find the alternative product. 4. Threat of Substitutes: (High) * Customers’ taste is shifted into Japanese motorbikes. Ex. Suzuki * Frequent product introductions and continuous improvements in price. 5. Rivalry: (high) * Lack of products differentiation or narrow product line. * Rivals like Honda are diverse in strategies, origins and personalities. SWOT Analysis 1. Strengths: Domestic and International market share, financial status (The company’s revenues had grown at a compounded annual rate of 16.6 per- cent since 1994 to reach......

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...HARLEY DAVIDSON CASE STUDY With the growing global economy, companies are looking for ways to improve their market share. Many excellent firms have learned how to beat their competitors through the implementation of new management, marketing, and/or manufacturing techniques. Harley-Davidson is one of those excellent companies whom has challenged traditional ideas. We intend to show through this case study that any company can follow Harley-Davidson's techniques and lead themselves to excellence. Company History Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company was established in 1903 by William Harley and Walter, William, and Arthur Davidson, who built their first three motorcycles in a shed in Milwaukee. In 1909, the company introduced its trademark bike; a 2 cylinder, v-twin engine (the fastest motorcycle at that time), able to reach speeds of 60 mph. However, a few years later the competition was becoming stiffer. During World War I, the demand for United States motorcycles overseas grew tremendously. As a result, HarleyDavidson became a leader in innovative engineering in the 1920's. With the introduction of the front brake and "teardrop" gas tanks, Harley was quickly developing its mystic appearance. The industry, which was thriving after World War I, was diminishing quickly as a result of the Great Depression. As one of only two remaining motorcycle companies, Harley-Davidson survived because of exports and sales to the police and military. Representative of the World......

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...Emma Sergeychik Professor Peter G. Cerreta MGT230-50 October 14, 2015 Case 1: Harley Davidson 1. If I were CEO of Harley Davidson I would compare the advantages and disadvantages of using exports, joint ventures, and foreign subsidiaries as ways of expanding international sales. Harley’s first export was the U.S. and that was a great start. Later on Harley expanded into European countries and Japan. A great disadvantage with that was that Harley wasn't exposing the product to the rest of the world. Another disadvantage harley had when it was just starting out, was that AMF bought Harley Davidson. They did quickly increase production, however this rapid expansion lead to significant problems with the quality. Later on this gave competitors the opportunity to take over the market. On the bright side shortly after that, a group of 13 managers bought Harley-Davidson back in 1981. These managers found solutions to bring back customers. Their explanation was to know the business and customers, pay attention to details, increase the quality with time and improve service to customers and dealers. Foreign subsidiaries had a few ups and downs as well. At first Japanese motorcycles began to take over the market. This impacted arley greatly. But after it got back on its feet, Japan became one of Harley’s subsidiaries. The Japanese adapted the company’s marketing to fit local tastes. Over all Harley went through a few rough patches, but they still managed to make it on top. 2. Harley......

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...  Introduction • Harley-Davidson is an American motorcycle manufacturer.•One of two major American motorcycle manufacturers•The company sells heavyweight (over 750cc) motorcycles•have a distinctive design and exhaust note.•especially noted for the tradition of heavy customization•Harley-Davidson sustains a loyal brand community History William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first productionHarley-Davidson® motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8 inch boreand 3-1/2 inch stroke. The factory in which they worked was a 10 x 15-footwooden shedwith the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" crudely scrawled on the door.Arthur's brother Walter later joins their efforts. Mission statement •We ride with our customers and apply this deep connection in every market we serve tocreate superior value for all of our stakeholders. Proposed Vision “To be recognized as the best motorcycle company in the world” External EnvironmentEconomic- •Confidence in economy is directly proportional to the purchasing of consumer items.•The economic crisis will hit this segment very much.•Currency fluctuation is also a big problem in this industry • Revenue from sales outside the using increased 7% from 2006 to 2007 Technological –    • As technology changes, customers’ expectations increase.•Harley-Davidson is one of the main manufacturer and user of V-ENGINEconfiguration.•Harley-Davidson’s have a wide variety of products according to......

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...بارييه للأغذية الزراعية: إطلاق دولي لشركة صغيرة شعر فيليب أوستن ، المدير العام لشركة بارييه للأغذية الزراعية ، بسعادة غامرة عند عودته من معرض تجارة صناعة الأغذية في كولون بألمانيا – أكبر معرض للأغذية والمرطبات في العالم. تقع شركة بارييه للأغذية في ملبورن، فكتوريا ، وهي سادس أكبر شركة أغذية في استراليا تقوم بتوزيع كل من السلع الزراعية السائبة والمنتجات الغذائية المعالجة و تبيع من بين المنتجات الأخرى ، المكسرات ، قضبان الحبوب ، الثوم ، الجنزبيل، الفواكه المجففة والعسل في سائر أنحاء أستراليا. لدى بارييه معدل نمو صحي خلال الحقبة الماضية حيث بلغت مبيعاتها 215 مليون دولار أمريكي خلال العام المنصرم. كما أن لمنتجات بارييه رواج في السوق المحلي إلا أن خبرتها العالمية ظلت محدودة من حيث الاستجابة للطلبات العرضية التي تكون غير ملتمسة من الزبائن الأجانب في بعض الأحيان. لتلبية هذه الطلبات ، كانت بارييه تعتمد على الوسطاء في ألمانيا ممن يقدمون المساعدة للإمدادات والمبيعات العالمية، ومع ذلك ظل أوستن متحمسا لتوسعة أعمال التصدير خلال السنوات القليلة القادمة. إدراك الفرصة دفع تقريرا من أوستريد - وكالة الحكومة الأسترالية لترقية التجارة - أوستن لحضور معرض كولون ، الذي ألقي فيه الضوء على إمكانات صادرات المواد الغذائية الأسترالية. وفقا لأوستريد أن صادرات المواد الغذائية الأسترالية تجاوزت مبلغ ال30 بليون دولار خلال العام الماضي وتعتقد أوستريد أن المواد الغذائية المعالجة هي الاتجاه القادم و أن لديها رغبة في تعزيز الصادرات. إلا أن ذلك قد خلق معضلة: معظم الصادرات الحالية عبارة عن أطعمة خام في المقام الأول وليست أطعمة مصنعة. إذا تمت إضافة 10% فقط من القيمة المضافة للأطعمة المصنعة في استراليا......

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...9-906-410 REV: APRIL 5, 2007 RICHARD L. NOLAN SURESH KOTHA Harley-Davidson: Preparing for the Next Century There are very few products that are so exciting that people will tattoo your logo on their body. — Richard Teerlink, Retired CEO, Harley-Davidson th In 2003 Harley-Davidson, under the leadership of Jeffery Bluestein, celebrated its 100 birthday. The company, which almost went bankrupt in 1970, had successfully shed its product and marketing doldrums and was once again the market leader of the U.S. heavyweight motorcycle industry. For the last 18 years the company had led the industry in retail sales with a commanding lead of 50% market share in the United States and 32% globally. Noted Fortune: “Harley . . . ranks among America’s top growth stocks since its 1989 IPO [initial public offering]. Its 37% average annual gain runs just behind the 42% pace of another ‘86 debutante: Microsoft.”1 While the company’s successful history was in his thoughts, Bluestein was aware of the formidable issues facing him and his top management team. The company’s customer base had grayed considerably since the early 1990s, and the average age of Harley riders rose from 35 to 47 years in the past decade. Younger Americans (25- to 34-year-old men) seemed to prefer the light sports bikes offered by Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. Bluestein recognized these concerns by noting: “The only thing that can stop us is if we get complacent. Even though we’ve......

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...In 1996, Harley-Davidson began the development of a corporate Supply Management Strategy (SMS) intended to move the company from a site-specific, transactional mentality to a long-term focus on supplier relationships. By July 1997, the initial planning meeting was held for an integrated procurement system, the supplier information link (SiL’K). Harley-Davidson followed a very thorough and rigorous process in implementing SiL’K to allow the organization time to become comfortable with this new philosophy and to ensure engagement and enthusiasm for SMS. By November 1997, momentum had built to the point that procurement managers were will to provide several part-time resources to the SiL’K project team. Their goal was to move the project from strategy to action. The next four months were spent mapping existing procurement processes to find commonalities across business units. Starting in April 1998, a reduced core team consisting of a smaller number of full-time resources started developing the desired future state (“to-be” processes). This team also began work on the detailed specifications and actively managed expectations through frequent communications with the stakeholders. By the end of September 1998, the team had completed a functional specification for the SiL’K system and distributed an RFQ to key stakeholders for review. The team’s shared vision of new processes and activities simplified the task of completing a jointly written RFQ. Internal acceptance......

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...Harley Davidson motorcycles are a household name, but it hasn’t always been that way. It began way back in 1901, when a young man named William S. Harley had a vision for attaching an engine to a bicycle. William had a friend named Arthur Davidson who embraced his concept. Together, they began working endless hours in a small wooden shed, with the words “Harley Davidson” scrawled on the door. By 1903, they rolled out the first production Harley Davidson motorcycle. The legendary “Bar and Shield” logo became the defining symbol of Harley Davidson motorcycles in 1910. The logo is representative of strength and ruggedness. The design was patented in 1911 and continues to be used today. In 1920, motorcycle racing legend, Leslie “Red” Parkhurst, broke numerous speed records on a Harley Davidson racing motorcycle. Each time Parkhurst won a race, he would carry a pig on a victory lap and it was during this time the term “hog” became associated with Harley Davidson motorcycles. During World War I nearly half of the Harley Davidson motorcycles produced were sold to the United States Army. Throughout the 1920s, major changes took place to the design. The most notable was the change in the gas tank, which was switched to the now infamous teardrop shape. In 1928, Harley Davidson introduced the first twin-cam engine and front wheel brakes. These modifications allowed Harley Davidson motorcycles to reach speeds in excess of 85 mph. Throughout the 1930s, Harley Davidson......

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