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Interaction To HazMat WK 3 Assessment question 11 & 12

The paint formerly used on some storage tanks contained aluminum powder, which reflected heat from the surface of the tanks. Experts recommended grounding these tanks because grounding these tanks would protect them from lightning strikes and static electricity (Meyer, 2010). Experts also recommended storing only noncombustible materials in tanks that were painted with products that contained aluminum powder because aluminum powder is a pyrophoric material. By insuring only noncombustible materials are stored in these tanks would significantly cut down on the already dangerous situation. Paint with aluminum powder already adds a significant risk of fire and/or explosion; with an ignition source and stored combustibles would only add to an already dangerous situation (Meyer, 2010).
The installation of an automatic sprinkling system are recommended in machine shops that use lathes to fabricate titanium parts. Titanium in bulk for is not hazardous but when you use a lathe to the shape titanium it becomes finely divided and will pose a dangerous risk of fire and/or explosion (Meyer, 2010). This dangerous process can occur because finely divided titanium reacts with atmospheric moisture and can self-ignite (Meyer, 2010). The use of automatic sprinkler systems can quickly supply a great amount of water to the burning metal to keep the spread of fire to the room of origin rather than giving it time to spread throughout the entire facility (Meyer, 2010).
Meyer, E. (2010). Chemistry of hazardous materials (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

When relatively small amounts of magnesium burn, the fires are extinguished using commercially available dry powder. The MET-L-X extinguisher, or dry sand/earth can be very effective in the extinguishment of a small magnesium fire…...

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