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Disease in the News
Vermetria Oliver
HCD/235 AGUC0910D
May 20, 2012
Amber Cochran ADVANTAGES
• Reduction in human errors: Not having to rely on illegible or incorrect files, inaccurate filing and unsecure storage means that electronic medical records eliminate many layers of human contact for an overall reduction in what can become costly mistakes.
• Safety and security: While paper files can be lost, damaged, stolen or subjected to natural disasters, electronic medical records circumvent many of these situations with greater safeguards.
• Cost-efficiencies through data consolidation: By creating a centralized location for digitized medical records, this system reduces duplication of efforts and documents, and increases the speed of exchanging information. This saves on labor costs as well as enhances operational efficiencies that increases productivity through a greater volume of transactions.
• Perceived threat to privacy: Some believe that, instead of protecting privacy, a digital system means that a certain amount of confidentiality is lost and information can be accessed by unauthorized parties.. However, because of HIPAA compliance, medical record document management companies go through great lengths to ensure patient information remains secure and accessible in a legally compliant manner.
• Perceived lose of human oversight: With the advent of more technology, some fear systems that are fully automated with no human management or intervention.. Of course, well-trained personnel are involved to oversee and ensure all automated electronic medical record systems are fully functioning at all times.
• Perceived lack of standardization: Because electronic medical records are still a relatively new platform , many believe that certain levels of standardization for quality, efficiency and productivity have yet…...

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