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North South University
Department of Environmental Science and Management
Fall 2012

Basic Course Information
Course title: Introduction to Environmental Science Section &Venue : 9, SAC 209
Course Code: ENV 107 Class Hours: MW 2:40-4:10
Instructor: Humaira Noor (HNr) Office Hours and Number: MW 11:00- 12:30, SAC 716

Instructor Contact details * In person during office hours. * By prior appointment within working hours * Email: humaira_noor2002@hotmail.com * Like the official page for the course for regular updates and changes: www.facebook.com/env107 Course components 1. Basic issues and values in environmental science 2. Biogeochemical cycles 3. Ecosystems and Ecological Succession 4. Basic concepts of Biological diversity and Biogeography 5. Agriculture and the Environment 6. Waste Management 7. Water use and pollution 8. Climate change and Global Warming 9. Air pollution 10. Renewable and Non-renewable energy 11. Environment Health and Toxicology
Detailed plan of the course will be handed out in class. Assessment details:
Attendance 05%
Class participation 05%
Presentation 05%
Quiz 05%
Mid Term 1 15%
Mid Term 2 25%
Final Exam 40%

Reading Materials * Handouts will be given out in class for related reading * Core textbook : Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet by…...

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