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The Healing Hospital Jefferson, Alice Grand Canyon University: NRS 310V June 24, 2012

Thesis: The Healing Hospital employs a holistic approach to patient care. Nurses must be sensitive to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and religious beliefs of the client. The nurse should plan and implement competent care to the client and their families. A healing hospital exists beyond bricks, mortar and glass. A healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of radical loving care are the key components of a healing hospital ( Eberst, L. 2008).
A healing physical environment: The first component of a Healing Hospital is the physical environment. The physical environment in which a patient is being treated should be conducive to the healing process. A good tranquil environment fosters the patient’s recovery process. A healing physical environment takes in consideration not only how to care for the patient, but also the families and how caregivers and employers interacts with them (Eberst, L. 2008). For healing to take place, a hospital needs to provide a quiet environment that allows patients to sleep. Cells regeneration takes place during sleep, and gives the body an opportunity to repair itself. A quiet environment is one free of overhead paging, loud machines rolling down the hall and decrease noise levels in hallways and nurses’ stations. A noise free environment promotes the healing process and provides a calm stress-free environment for employees and physicians to work (Eberst, L. 2008). A healing environment puts patients safety first by providing a clean…...

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...A Healing Hospital Yashate Manning GCU Spirituality in Health Care HLT-310V Pauline King January 27, 2013 A Healing Hospital Love and compassion, along with providing services to others is just a few components of a healing hospital. Often time the hospital is where patients are at their weakest state, both mentally and physically. This environment is a place where diagnosis and treatment of illnesses are implemented with the use of pharmacologic and technical means. It’s vital that the focus remains on the patient as a whole; therefore the physical and spiritual issues must be equally addressed. Patients could be placed in a defenseless circumstance upon admission to the hospital; therefore they may feel a sense loss of their personal freedom or dignity. The patient is the main focus of care and love is at the center of a healing hospital (Chapman, 2011). A Healing Hospital focus on compassion and skill accompanying the use of new technology and drugs aimed to enhance patients’ outcomes (Chapman, 2011). Healing hospitals consist of staff that’s highly skilled, knowledgeable, caring, and showing of much empathy to the patients they serve. It’s evident that love, an essential component of a healing hospital, according to Chapman, 2011 “ a healing hospital is built on the ancient tradition that love is at the center of healing”. The patient’s spiritual condition is a vital part of their overall medical state and requires careful assessment at all times.......

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...Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm Bradley Smith Grand Canyon University: HLT-302 Due: 03/17/13 Healing hospitals are currently on the decline in health care America. Most health care providers have lost the true meaning of healing their patients holistically; both physically and spiritually. If healing hospitals started to come back, I believe that not only will the physical care of a patient increase. But patients will be happier and feel spiritually healed also. If healing hospitals were to make a comeback, hospitals and doctor’s offices would not seem so cold and unwelcoming to the patients. Even though there are challenges in creating a healing hospital, they are still a necessary component in the health care system for patients to feel spiritually healed when they leave. Components of a Healing Hospital Related to Spirituality Laurie Eberst, the president and CEO of Mercy Gilbert Medical Center describes a true healing hospital to, “include three key components: A healing physical environment, the integration of work design and technology, and a culture of radical loving care.” (Eberst, 2008). A Healing and Physical Environment When patients and their families enter the hospital, they are all under a lot of stress due to the illness of the patient. When a hospital provides aesthetically pleasing waiting rooms and doctor’s offices, it helps the patients and their families cope with that stress they are having. It is also important for a healing......

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...A Healing Hospital has many great qualities to it and really does improve the healing process of a patient. Love is believed to be the center of healing. A Healing Hospital is to give a loving service to others in need (Chapman, 2010). A Healing Hospital has been forgotten with the growing technology and medications for everything in the hospitals of today. The Healing Hospital needs compassion and skill as well as new technology and medications (Chapman, 2010). Having the honest support of management and leadership is needed to achieve a Healing Hospital and giving the appreciation to the staff providing the care to the patients. There is three main components that the Healing Hospital embraces. The three ideas are a healing physical environment, integration of work design and technology, and a culture of Radical Loving Care. The healing physical environment must provide to the patient and family a loving, nurturing, and compassionate aesthetically pleasing environment (Eberst, 2011). Having these qualities help the patients and families deal with the illness and stress that accompany the illness. It is not only caring for the patient but how we interact and care for the families and caregivers. The medical facility that creates and promotes a quiet atmosphere also help to provide a less stressful and calmer work environment for all physicians, staff members, and promotes and supports healing for patients. Reducing overhead pages, loud cleaning equipment, long hallways...

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