Healing Hospitals and Their Relationship to Spirituality

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Healing Hospitals and their relationship to spirituality
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Module 1

Healing Hospitals and their relationship to spirituality

The purpose of this paper is to describe the components of a Healing Hospital and the relationship to spirituality. With today’s advanced technology, science, and new medications the health care setting provides a unique opportunity to help patients with curable treatable disease and illnesses. Developing a healthcare system with a loving, caring, healing environment that every patient and every employee has the desire to be associated with is the ultimate challenge. When Mercy Gilbert Medical Center was built in 2006, the focus was placed on having a healing environment as well as having a healing facility, and healing culture. They were awarded the Healing Hospital designation secondary to three key components. They were awarded this by the Baptist Healing Trust, in Nashville, Tennessee (Eberst, 2008). The components are listed as 1) A healing physical environment, 2) The integration of work design and technology, and 3) A culture of “Radical Loving Care” (Eberst). A healing environment includes more than just the patient, but also encompasses the knowledge to help the family members and others that may be involved with the support of the patient. As the patient is cared for, there is support for not only their medical well being but also for their spiritual and emotional well being. There are other issues to be addressed for environmental distractions as well. These are simple issues such as noise levels. The disturbing levels can be caused by items such as intercoms, electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as loud voices, or housekeeping cleaning. Design and technology encompasses many…...

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...speaking the truth, standing up for rights, and keeping up with promises, being consistent with general philosophy, individual values, and beliefs. Integrity demonstrates nursing’s ethical commitment to providing compassionate care. The nurse recognizes the worth and privacy of each individual and therefore acts in a manner to respect the privacy and values of the patient. A nurse who practices integrity acts in a way that is consistent with what they understand will be the right thing to do. They possess a strong sense of themselves. Nurses accept the patients as social beings who must respect and engage with the moral position of others. Integrity is a rich and complex social virtue through which the individual is able to demonstrate their relationship with the values and customs of the communities of which they are members. Be responsible and accept the mistakes you have made and forgive others when they do the same. Compassion is viewed as a nurse’s most valuable quality. It is an essential element of nursing care and considered as one of the most strengths of the profession. Compassion for patients means being there at the time when they need help without considering factors such as duty, time, or scope of responsibilities. Sometimes nurses may be forced to carry out tasks which are not a part of the scope of responsibilities. The nurses show caring according when the situation demands instead of waiting from the orders of the superiors. Personal, Cultural, and......

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