Health Care Communication with Social Media

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Health Care Communication with Social Media
Tila Newbery-Sorrell
May 13, 2013
Dan Crawley

HEALTH CARE COMMUNICATION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA The demand for transparency and consumerism in health care has opened the doors for the involvement of social media. There is an increasing use of social media for communication between consumers and health care providers. The use of social media has advantages as well as disadvantages. Medical information can be disseminated quickly, over distances, and cost effectively through the use of social media like Facebook Pages. Marketing of health care products and services is made possible through the use of social media. Confidentiality and security are issues with the use of social media. Due to a need for regulations, recent policy has set guidelines for the use of social media by physicians.
American Medical Association Policy
The American Medical Association (AMA) released new policy in 2010 to assist physicians in the use of social media. The AMA Board Member Mary Anne McCaffrey, M.D. said, “Using social media can help physicians create a professional presence online, express their personal views and foster relationships, but it can also create new challenges for the patient-physician relationship” (American Medical Association, 2013, para. 2).
The AMA policy on social media guidelines for physicians suggests: 1) The use of privacy settings 2) Routine monitoring of their online presence 3) Maintenance of boundaries 4) Keeping separate personal and professional accounts 5) Being aware of the consequences of online actions and content (American Medical Association, 2013)
Social Media
For social media communication to succeed it is suggested by Matthew Ellis (2013) “to integrate the several social media formats into one cohesive social media…...

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