Health Care Human Resource Management

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Health Care Human Resources Management

It used to be that human resource was only thought of as the department who hires employees and safe keeps the clerical part of the organization. Human Resource is much more involved in the entire structure of the organization then just the clerical part of it. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The HRM department is responsible for three major areas including staffing, employee compensation and benefits and defining and designing work. HRM works for the benefit of the organization through managing its greatest business asset which is the employees. The task of managing employees of an organization brings many challenges, how HRM must remain focused on recruiting, retaining and engaging their organizations leaders and workforce to be successful. Several new trends are affecting how HRM make their hiring decisions. Two recent trends important to HRM leaders are leadership compensation/competencies and workforce engagement.
In the setting of limited resources and new government mandates, healthcare is moving toward value-based care. HRM is now challenged to adjust executive compensation to keep in step with the industry change. In a population health model, physicians receive a value-based reimbursement to care rather than a fee for services. The physicians’ performance needs to be continually monitored in order to accurately compensate them across the network. Likewise healthcare executive compensation has been shifting and is now based on quality and patient satisfaction. Most leading healthcare reviews forecast that healthcare leader compensation would continue to rise between 2%-4%. Patient outcomes and cost reduction/containment will continue to impact healthcare executives it the near future. Turnover of…...

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Health Care Human Resources Management

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