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Health Care Marketing Reflection

Christine Cazares


April 4, 2016
Andrea Linder

Health Care Marketing Reflection

In recent years, hospitals have relied on marketing strategies through newspapers, letters, or television. Currently, the new word of mouth is social media on how organizations such as hospitals, spread the word. This paper will examine the current health care marketing techniques used for social media. Included in this will be how the marketing is used, the author's opinion on the marketing techniques for social media, how social media affects the consumers, and if social media within healthcare as a positive or negative effect. Health Care Marketing Techniques and Trends Marketing is using social media as an outlet for word of mouth. By using social media conversations are not face to face, they are now one too many. Which is beneficial to many organizations. People are trying to take their health serious now and receiving information from online platforms and referrals by others. Social media is used to promote referrals and improve health care to current and future consumers. Promoting health care through social media can be done through many different pages and websites for potential patients and present ones. Consumers are modernized these days and have become tech savvy and want to know more about their health and future health needs. Customers are searching the web for information on health care before making appointments to see what the good, the bad, and the ugly is. Opinion on Current Techniques and Consumer Trends Social media as a marketing strategy is very effective in my opinion. It is useful in seeking new patients or making sure current and past patients are satisfied. The only way social media is not having an impact is that the older generations are not tech savvy and…...

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