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Does the U.S. currently use a medical model, or a wellness model, or both? Explain. What factors have led to using these models?
My understanding is the medical model is used as the simplest way to explain a person illness and course of treatment, and because of this, it works well. The problem with the medical model is the fact that it works strictly with scientific research. This limits information to only measurable and experimental reason while leaving out the psychological aspects. A person who does not care for the use of different methods and models along with the more traditional medical diagnosis’s can limit the type of treatment to cure a potential illness (Zigmond, D. 2012). The medical model gives a person a sense of hope, especially; when they can put a name to what is going on with them, and explain it to family and friends. The wellness model is a person’s ability to take full responsibility for their health. This allows the individual to decide the type of life they want to have and the actions they will take to achieve it. A mindset and predisposition is used to put key things in their lifestyle to achieve high levels of well-being and contentment with their health (Ardell, D. 2002). In my experience in health care this can lead to a downfall in a persons’ health because they are primarily taking their health into their own hands. What if there is still a need to see a doctor to receive medications that your body is unable to produce. For example, what if a person’s body no longer makes dilantin; a chemical that is needed to help prevent seizures. I believe that the United States uses both the medical model and the wellness model. When doctors are treating patients a prescription may be given, but there is always the counseling of lifestyle changes that an individual should make to improve their wellness so that medicine usage can potentially be…...

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