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Marketing Strategy for Today's Healthcare
Brock Ewings
January 24, 2012
Debra Schrager

Marketing Strategy for Today's Healthcare
The healthcare industry has grown to become a headline frontrunner in America. With intense political attention and worsening economy, competition in healthcare has grown to an ultimate high. Healthcare providing organizations, large and small, are stepping up marketing campaigns immensely to gain public recognition and utilization of services. Competition in marketing is no longer for car dealerships that draw consumers in for a test drive, but healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, and specialty centers are starving for attention and preying on the ailing Americans. America’s health and wellness is declining and it is clear to see with child obesity and an aging population causing media stir daily. The need for hospital care has never been greater. So how are organizations competing for their own slice of the illness pie? Through increased marketing strategies inclusive to radio, television, billboards, and the World Wide Web, organizations are luring the public in to fill their beds. There are many questions to be answered on the subject. What are current marketing techniques? Are these techniques affecting consumer trends? Finally, how is this affecting the healthcare worker?
Current Marketing Techniques There is only one word used by healthcare organizations to describe the care they provide, their facility, and customer service and that word is excellent. Gone are the days of surveys that include choices of “very poor”, “poor”, “average”, “good”, “very good.” In the past few years “excellent” has been added to surveys. Hospitals rely on excellent ratings to promote their services as the absolute best in the area. Current marketing strategies bombard possible consumers with this thought…...

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