Hearing and Visual Impairment

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Hearing and Visual Impairment
Bonnie J. Hatch
Grand Canyon University
SPE 526
May 19, 2010

Abstract The abstract of this essay will include information on hearing and visual impairments. It will explain the legal definition of both, the impact that hearing and visual impairment have on a person’s development and education achievement, how humans hear and see and the degrees, types and causes of each. The essay will also go into detailed by supplying a lesson plan which will include the objectives/goals, accommodations/modifications, strategies, assessments, activities as well as including brief description of the student by submitting the student’s age, grade, disability strength, and weaknesses.

Hearing and Visual Impairments Hearing is a complex process of changing sound waves into the neural signals which can be translated by the brain into sounds. Within the inner ear is the Cochlea, which changes sound waves into neutral signals. The signals are sent to the brain through the auditory nerve. Where the visual impairment is also a complex process, light enters the eye through the pupil and is collected by photoreceptor neurons in the retina. Signals are then sent to a neuron network that then generates electrical impulses which goes to the brain. The legal definition of a hearing impairment is “a full or partial decrease in the ability to detect or understand sounds. It can range from a mild hearing loss to total deafness” (Hearing Impairment Law and Legal Definition, 2010). Educational definition for hearing impairment by IDEA is an impairment in hearing, whether permanent or fluctuating, that adversely affects a child’s educational performance. There are two main types of hearing loss: conductive and sensor neural (Heward, 2010). A conductive hearing loss results from abnormalities or complications of the outer…...

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...impact of visual and hearing impairments on student’s academic achievement to teachers and other educators. Having knowledge of these impairments allows the teacher to better serve students with these impairments in the classroom. Hearing and Visual Impairments Hearing and visual impairments have a major impact on a person’s development and academic achievement. Hearing and seeing are critical to speech and language development, communication, and learning. The earlier in a person’s life that they develop or have these impairments, the more serious the development of the person will be effected. In the same manner, the earlier that the problem is identified and intervention begun, the less serious the impact on that person’s development may be (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2011). Hearing Impairments Hearing impairments are defined as the decreased ability to hear and differentiate sounds. This can range from mild hearing loss to total deafness (March of Dimes, 2010). Humans are able to hear sounds through the brains relationship with the ear. The outer ear absorbs sound waves that travel through the eardrum. These sound waves are then transferred to the middle ear before entering the cochlea. The cochlea is the main receptor organ for hearing and works with inner ear canals that assist with balance to hear and register sounds to the brain. Before an educator can differentiate or modify lesson plans they must first understand the basics of the......

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