Heart Attacks in Youth

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Heart Attacks in Youth
Jennifer Velasquez
January 16, 2012
Michelle Clemons

Heart Attacks in Youth Headlines across the country are similar to a headline recently in La Center, Washington: Eighth Grader Collapses During First Day of Basketball Practice. Children collapsing during sporting events are becoming fairly common around the country. According to Caldwell (2011), “Studies show that 175 to 233 deaths occur each year among high school athletes” (para. 3). Most individuals are required by state law to pass a sport physical before him or her can even begin the first day of practice. Many individuals have different opinions as to why children are collapsing with heart issues. Health professionals locally, on state level and nationally are monitoring the findings and are trying to come up with a solution to minimize loss of life. Because so many children participate each year in physical sports, it is important to find out why children are coming up with heart issues and determine how to lower the amount of children from collapsing and prevent premature death.
Functions at Various Government Levels Because children collapsing at sporting events has only recently started to become more common, the three levels of government; National, State, and Local levels have not began working to diligently on a solution. At least if they have, they are not disclosing available resources or much information at this current time. Therefore, locating information is extremely difficult. However, heath foundations such as the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association as well as many grassroots groups are conducting surveys among the doctors in an effort to find out what each sports physical consist of and what, if any, family history questions the doctors are asking during the sports physicals. Of the pediatricians and family practice doctors…...

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