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For me it is not enough to travel in my mind. I love the new experiences I get when I travel. For me it is the sounds, the smells, the people I am together with and the atmosphere that creates the experience. These things are not possible to get just by traveling in my own mind.
When my family and I travel we spend a lot of our time at restaurants. The resturant or cafe, the food and the way it taste is also a big part of the experience. For example I remember a pizza I ordered when we were in Italy a couple years ago. It was at a restaurant called Punto Roma in the middle of Roma. We sat at the sidewalk and looked at the people. It was the best pizza I’ve ever have had. There was tomato, cheese, ham and vegetables on it. Every country has its own food and I can remember many vacations by the food we have eaten there.

But when I travel in my mind, I don’t have to move and it’s free. I don’t have to think about all the trouble by ordering tickets, going to the airport and find a hotel. I can create the exact vacation I want because I can go where ever I want to with whoever I want to. I can travel with both friends and family without worrying about the cost of it and who’s going to pay for it. Also it doesn’t have to be planned. I can sit in my living room without moving and travel the whole world if I want…...

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