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Date: 01/29/2016
To: Farrokh Moshiri
From: Kent Anguiano, Friday
Subject: Advice on how to attract visitors during the cold seasons
Problem Statement: The Problem with Big Bottom Market is that once September comes, sales drop by 80 percent and that if they keep at this rate, then they will have have to close down the restaurant for good.
Purpose/Objective: My short term goal for you is to stay in business long enough until spring so that once people come back to the restaurant you can be in a more comfortable financial situation where we can start to invest in the company for the long term for both the warmer seasons and the winter as well.
Alternative Solutions:
Solution #1: My first solution as I said above would be to simply rent out the place to a company or anyone that would like to take over the rent during winter season.
Pros: With renting out the place during the winter, one can be able to not have that burden of thinking if the next winter will be you out of a job and have to close up the restaurant.
Cons: If you rented out the place during winter seasons, you will be missing out on possible financial rewards if you were to think of an idea to keep the restaurant busy during the winters and you might see that the sales for the spring might not make it logical for you to stay in business.
Solution #2: A long term objective could be to adapt to the colder season and to remodel the store during these times or if it’s big enough perhaps make it a B&B (Bed and Breakfast).
Pros: remodeling the Big Bottom Market into a B&B during the winter season, then people will not see it as simply a restaurant, but perhaps a getaway and be able to experience nature during the winter and not just the summer or spring.
Cons: The one big problem with redecorating would be the financial aspect and what you might possibly lose if it did not go according to…...

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